Ocho Cinco Shows Up, Sits Out With “Sore Back”

Now the latest on everyone’s favorite dysfunctional NFL receiver, Terrell Owe…, no, sorry, Chad Johnson:

Chad Johnson at Bengals practice

Frankly, we’re getting tired of Ocho Cinco’s oddball antics. So, here’s the Cliff Notes version of what’s been going on with the brooding Bengal:

Chad’s unhappy in Cincy and wants a trade. The Bengals say no. Chad threatens to sit out the season. The Bengals dare him. Chad tells ESPN THE MAGAZINE he’ll show up at the Bengals’s mini-camp, after all (rather than pay hefty fines).

Chad shows up. Chad gets a physical. The Bengals say he’s healthy. Chad says he had a sore back and sits out the morning practice. Chad runs a few plays in the afternoon practice, then sits out again.

Chad’s agent Drew Rosenhaus says the Bengals said that Chad’s ankle needs surgery. The Bengals say that Rosenhaus said that Chad’s ankle was fine and didn’t need surgery.

And here we are. (Thanks to Mark Curnutte of the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER.)

Johnson didn’t talk with reporters during or after Thursday’s practice. And his teammates didn’t want to talk about him, either.


“You know what? I’m going to pass on talking about Chad today,” quarterback Carson Palmer said. “I think everybody in here is probably sick of hearing about him, and everybody out there is sick of hearing about him. So I’m not going to talk about him.”

Suits us fine. Enough’s enough.

Stay tuned for more Chad Johnson news as it happens!