Ocho Cinco Es Muy Loco, Shoves NFL Employee

Alex Marvez of FOX SPORTS learns that even a trip to paradise can’t calm Chad Johnson down.

Chad Johnson smile

Ocho Cinco is in Hawaii as a Pro Bowl alternate (replacing Randy Moss). But the south seas experience can’t soothe the sullen receiver about his current career with Cincinnati. After Thursday’s practice, Johnson ripped into the Bengals for the benefit of NFL Network cameras - but didn’t speak to any other media members.

NFL media relations employee Michael Lipman tried to delay Johnson’s exit so he could answer a few other questions. Marvez then asked Chad “whether he was having a better off-season after venting some of his frustration publicly at the Super Bowl.”

According to Marvez, “Johnson walked off without answering the question. Lipman tried speaking with him again, only to get shoved. The much-bigger Johnson then stared down Lipman before stepping onto a jitney headed toward the players’ hotel.”

Guess that can be penciled in as a “no comment”.

During his previous tirade to the NFL Network, Johnson admitted to sometimes “getting out of line”, but defended his demonstrative actions:

What great one doesn’t? What great one is not emotional about what he does? What great one does not have passion about what he does? What great one hates losing? Find me a great one that doesn’t do the same things that I’ve done in the past and I’ll stop playing. Period.”

Chad Johnson Future Hall of Fame jacket

Funny, we don’t remember Walter Payton putting on a “Future H.O.F.” jacket after a score, or Barry Sanders trying to give CPR to a post-TD pigskin.

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