Chad Might Legally Change Name to ‘Ocho Cinco’

Emotionally combustible wide receiver Chad Johnson has already made plenty of noise this season. First, he demanded to be traded. Then he caved on his own demands. Then he threatened to bring Dade County on the general populace.

Ocho Cinco

But now — according to Michael David Smith at PFT — he is going to make everyone remember him and his number 85 forever. And no, he is not getting one of those hip new skull tatts that are all the rage now. Instead, he is going to legally change his name to “Ocho Cinco”. Thank you, Jebus.

Well, he might change it. He certainly wants to change it, so he can permanently wear “Ocho Cinco” on his uniform, which, you might recall, the NFL has previously fined him for doing. However, if his real name is “Chad Ocho Cinco” …

We’ve learned that Johnson has taken the first steps in the state of Florida toward legally changing his last name to Ocho Cinco. Seriously.

If Johnson follows through on this, his actual, legal name will be Chad Ocho Cinco, and the NFL would then (we assume) allow him to put his new last name on the back of his jersey.

From a business standpoint, this might be Chad’s way of picking up some of the extra cash that he wants to make but that the team has said it won’t give him. The jersey would instantly become one of the NFL’s top sellers, and NFL players get a cut of all sales of their jerseys.

So all that’s really left would be Roger Goodell’s approval. And as we all know, Goodell is a big fan of things that involve fun in any way. It would make a little bit of sense though, because, as MDS pointed out, the NFL would straight rake in jersey sales. But then again, Goodell would be opening up the floodgates to all kinds of crazy jersey and name changes.

On the bright side though, we could all finally get those #12 “DIEFARVEDIE” Green Bay Packers jerseys we’ve been wanting for so long.