Chad Johnson Has Plenty To Say About 49ers Rookie Linebacker

OCHO CINCO CALLS 49ERS LB PATRICK WILLIS MUY BUENO: The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE brings out something we haven’t heard in a while - the mouth of Chad Johnson:

Chad Johnson smile

Ocho Cinco was back to his usual talkative self during a Wednesday press conference for Saturday’s Bengals-49ers matchup. Chad was particularly chatty about San Francisco rookie linebacker Patrick Willis:”Who in the (expletive) is 52? Oh, my (expletive) God! I done seen a lot of linebackers in a seven-year period. That (expletive) is good! You guys can laugh all you want, he is the real deal! He’s playing with a cast on his hand, right? All during film, I’m calling him Bam-Bam.”

Patrick WIllis 49ers

And the praise didn’t end there: “He’s the truth. You just tell him 85 said you’re the truth. I stopped watching the DBs to watch him. I don’t know anything about playing the position, but I know when someone is doing something right, because he is making every damn play.”On the other hand, Johnson didn’t have much to say about the 49ers cornerbacks: “I don’t care who I see. They could put Oprah out there, I’ll run routes on her. Since she has so much money, she’d be a man-to-man, lock-down corner because they’re the ones that get paid.”

Oprah Mike Nolan

But Chad did end his chat on a light note, offering some warm greetings for the 49ers coach: “Tell Mr. Nolan I said hi. I don’t (know him). I just want him to know me.”