Chad Johnson Accused Of Reneging On Promise To Give Away Lexus At Comedy Club

• MAN SUES CHAD JOHNSON FOR ALLEGED LEXUS RENEGE: The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER reports that Chad Johnson is being accused by a Cincinnati man of allegedly reneging on a promise to give away a Lexus as part of his hosting duties at a local comedy club.

Chad Johnson

Excerpt: “At the center of the suit, however, is a claim that Johnson offered to raffle a Lexus he got as a gift from a Florida dealership. Monahan claims Johnson changed his mind and gave the car to a female friend.”

• ESPN MAGAZINE reports EA Sports now has an agreement with The Weather Channel that will allow users of “NCAA Football 08″ to game-play “in the real-life weather conditions of the homefield the moment [they] fire up the console.

Jackie Johnson

No word if that also includes virtual appearances by TWC’s hottest Weather Girls.

• Phoenix Suns President Rick Welts is hoping to show a road game at US Airways Center in 3-D if the team makes it to the Western Conference Finals.

US Airways Arena Fans

But at a “cost of about $300,000 for the broadcast is just one of many hurdles” to staging such an event.

• DAILY VARIETY reports Red Sox co-Owner Tom Werner has inked a new two year deal with Warner Bros. TV.


One of his new projects is just what we all need: A NASCAR-themed TV comedy focusing on a pit crew.

• Kansas City is sure to be mentioned again in the NHL city relocation extortion game, as the NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN reports the NHL Predators’ average attendace was under 14,000 this season, and if they fail to average 14,000 in consecutive seasons, the team can void its deal with the city of Nashville.

Nashville Predators

Which means team Owner Craig Leipold would have the option to relocate the franchise by paying about $18M in exit fees - paving the way to Missouri’s northwest corner of paradise:

Kansas City