CFL Player Who Spread HIV Virus Wants Parole

If I were to make a list of people who I would consider “a danger to the community,” Trevis Smith would be at the top of the list. The former Alabama football standout and CFL linebacker was arrested in 2005 and convicted two years later of having unprotected sex with two women and not informing them he was HIV-positive. Clearly, an unbelievably sleazy guy, in a villain from an episode of “Law & Order: SVU” sort of way.

Former Alabama and CFL player Trevis Smith

Now, the HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD is reporting that Smith has applied for parole and has a hearing scheduled for today. Which means that he could be back on the streets, free to spread his unique mixture of charm and sexually-transmitted disease to the women of Canada as soon as next month.

Smith, who is married with two kids, was convicted of lying to two sexual partners about being HIV-positive, including refusing to admit his condition to one even after she confessed her plans to donate a kidney to her ailing father. Fortunately, neither of the two women contracted HIV from Smith, although one admitted to having thoughts of suicide while waiting for her test results.

But maybe it’s time to let Smith go. After all, he served over a year of his six year sentence: clearly he’s learned his lesson. Or maybe not. After all, Smith clearly has a history of a lack of remorse for his actions, even after being arrested:

Smith was also given an additional six months for violating bail conditions while awaiting trial.

He was not to be alone with females over 14 years of age, but court was told he made out with one woman while on bail. The woman asked Smith about his arrest and he denied having HIV, the judge heard. In the second breach, Smith told his bail supervisor he was going to a house for work, but he was really planning to meet up with a girlfriend.

And here’s perhaps the most amazing part of the story: Smith ’s wife has stood by him this entire time, despite his conviction for lying to sexual partners about being HIV-positive and his admission of having multiple affairs. And to think I slept on the couch for a weekend because I forgot to pick my in-laws up at the airport.

*UPDATE*: Look out - Trevis is on the loose!