CFL Owner Bans Opposing Mascot For Playoff Game

CFL OWNER PUTS HIT ON VARMIT: The CALGARY SUN reports on a major controversy raging in the Canadian Football League: Calgary Stampeders Owner, President, Coach & Equipment Manager (ok, I made up the last two) Ted Hellard “has banned Saskatchewan Roughriders mascot Gainer the Gopher from attending Sunday’s playoff game, fearing the booster’s rallying power may diminish” the Stampeders’ home-field advantage.

I hate to play the Caddyshack card for the second time in four days:

Gainer The Gopher

But cheer up Roughrider fans, your greased-up and watermelon-helmeted mascots will apparently be manning the sidelines to inspire the troops.


After seeing those photos from the team’s official website, the nickname “Roughriders” seem all the more appropriate.