CFL GM Charged In Sex Assault Of 16-Year-Old

You know how the CFL team in Saskatchewan is called the Roughriders? Well, evidently the team’s GM wanted to really put his stamp on the name. Unfortunately, he tried to do so by sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, or so the Regina police claim.

Eric Tillman Saskatchewan Roughriders GM condom

According to the SASKATOON STAR PHOENIX, via the REGINA LEADER-POST, Saskatchewan Roughriders GM Eric Tillman was charged in connection with an incident dating to Aug. 6, right about the time that the 2008 CFL season was hitting midseason form.

There are few details about the alleged assault, but we know that Tillman was arrested, charged and then released to appear back in court. The GM clearly hasn’t fled the country, because he re-signed lineman Jeremy O’Day today, and heck, when you’re in a place like Saskatchewan, it’s probably hard to avoid being noticed trying to get away. (We have a feeling he’d be pretty anonymous in Venezuela, though.)

If the claim is true, then it’s a sad story, to say the least. But it’s hard to tell whether it actually is legit. The President and CEO of the Roughriders, a fellow by the name of Jim Hopson, announced a press conference for 3 p.m. Saskatchewan time, which won’t be done until after you’re reading this. And considering the fact that this is the CFL, not the NFL, they don’t exactly provide streaming video for these kind of things.

Still, unless some 16-year-old girl is completely fabricating a story, Tillman is in a lot of trouble. Think about it: Best case scenario, he engaged in consensual sex with her. That’s assault. Worst case scenario, he forced himself on her, which might just earn him a rape charge.

Either way, the Roughriders might be looking for a new GM sooner rather than later. Like right now, depending on how that presser turned out.