‘CEO’ Who Ambushed Oden Worships God, Penis

John Canzano of the PORTLAND OREGONIAN introduces us to the trailblazing chap who is apparently so infatuated with Greg Oden’s penis that he thought the rest of the world should share in his obsession:

The man obsessed with Greg Oden's penis, god

The cat goes by the name “Q” and calls himself the “CEO” of the Web site. On his outgoing voicemail message the slimeball imparts, “Give credit to God, and good things will happen for you.”

On Tuesday “Q” explained to me that he felt he was doing a public service by posting the Oden photographs. As if there was redeeming social value in embarrassing Oden and providing some wreckage for sports fans to rubberneck.

Wrote Q in an email: “They were sent to us by one of his jumpoffs. We report the entertainment news like those market aisle mags. The Tiger Woods sex scandals got more and more jump offs, mistressses and girlfriends coming out. Crazy. Celebrities cheaters watch ya’ll back.”

Congratulations certainly are in order for Mr. “Q”. Who wouldn’t want their professional identity for all time inexorably connected to a large black man’s penis?

After watching the video of Mr. “Q” linked after the jump, it all makes sense.