Celtics Sore About Cavaliers’ Late-Game Dancing

The Cleveland Cavaliers were certainly in a good mood during their 107-76 blowout of the Boston Celtics on Sunday. (Why, Anderson Varejao was in such high spirits, he didn’t even notice Ray Allen giving him an elbow to his groinal region.) And it was such a fun time at the Quicken Loans Arena for the Cavs that some players decided to do a little dancing before the final horn sounded.

Mo Williams LeBron James

(Mo & LeBron wave their fists in the air, wave ‘em like they just don’t care)

LeBron James, Delonte West and Mo Williams got their groove on while the clock ticked down toward Cleveland’s 39th home win of the season. And the busting of such moves rubbed at least one member of the Boston media the wrong way - enough so that he asked David Stern if he was going to do something about it.

(Video of one of the offensive dance routines is after the jump.)

Brian Windhorst of the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER notes that during the NBA commissioner’s teleconference Monday afternoon, a “Boston-based reporter” asked Stern if he was upset with the Cavs’ cavorting while the game was still in play - and if the commish was going to legislate it (i.e. dish out some fines). Stern responded that he didn’t see any dancing, but if there was some sideline shimmying, he didn’t have a problem with it:

“I think celebrations by our players do have a place,” Stern said. “If I were the Celtics, I would make sure that tape, if one exists, runs every game in the locker room as a motivation. I wouldn’t spend my time telling our players about that.”

In other words - if you don’t want any dancing done, then you better do something about it.  Like not lose by 31 points.

And Allen, he of the groin-slamming elbows, says he will:

“I’m always going to remember that,” Allen said. “If I beat a team, as happy as I may be in victory, I’m always going to stay humble. … We play each other too much. Those are just great motivational thoughts for me.”

So, what exactly did LeBron & the lads do to earn such Celtic ire? Here’s some exclusive courtside video of the offensive actions:

You call that dancing? More importantly, would you consider such simple grooving an unsportsmanlike slap in the face (or in Varejao’s case, an elbow to the balls)? As Sgt. Hulka told Psycho in the film classic “Stripes“, “Lighten up, Francis.”

Now if you want to see real dynamite dancing, the Washington Wizards are your team. Then again, they are 19-61 this season.  So it’s a fair bet that the Cavs would rather have the best record in the NBA and medicore dance moves than vice versa.