Celtics Fans Continue to Frighten Us: Gino! Edition

We were lost in one of those YouTube excursions recently that inevitably led to watching 45 minutes of Peter Cetera and then searching for video instructions on building a time machine to prevent him from ruining Chicago which led to an hour of watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman and so on until you’re down the rabbit hole and your family lights a candle in vigil for your return.

And that’s when we found this:

We became disoriented, confused, and possibly self-soiled by the combination of white people attempting some kind of disco move imitating the American Bandstand clip on the scoreboard, Celtics and Bulls players ignoring the coach (wise in both cases), and the prevalence of men wearing a shirt simply stating, “Gino.”

We did what we always do in cases of Boston Sports Fan Culture Shock: we turned to our trusted Boston sports expert, Texas Gal of OUT IN CENTER FIELD. We’re no less disoriented and no one’s changed our adult diaper, but we’re less confused now.

Boston Celtics fans certainly give the lion’s share of credit for the biggest turnaround in NBA history to Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Kevin McHale. However, some sliver also belongs to this video clip played during timeouts at TD Banknorth Garden, accompanied by various disco classics. (No, we’re not being ironic when we say ‘disco classics’. We think.)

The story is covered well in this BLOG BEAT piece, but in short: at some point this season, someone thought it would be a good idea to kill time with American Bandstand clips. (We suspect Dick Clark. Dude can’t talk anymore, but he’s immensely sharp about marketing. We saw an American Bandstand diner in the Salt Lake City airport last week.)

Celtics fans latched onto the doofus dancer wearing the “Gino” shirt, apparently from a tour by this fellow:

The singer now sells the shirt on his Web site (with all profits going to the Celtics’ charity arm, thank you very much).

Gino Vannelli

Most importantly, the dancer has not been found yet. While we’re sure this would not be the case if the BOSTON GLOBE still had a sports department and not an algorithm that inserts “Boston r00ls!” into AP copy and then pours it into newspaper format, we do expect to see this dancer stumble out onto the floor if the Celtics reach the finals. As everyone knows, no one outlives a dancer.