Celebrity Rehab’s Rodman Enjoying Rum Tasting

Spoiler alert for VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew reality show. Last week show cast member Dennis Rodman was observed enjoying all that the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival had to offer.

Dennis Rodman caught at Rum Festival after appearing on Celebrity Rehab

(Photo credit: PALM BEACH POST)

As new episodes of the VH1 show continue to chronicle Rodman’s life in ‘Sober House,’ a South Beach spirits blog yesterday chronicled Rodman’s affinity for the finest grog South Florida had to offer.

Dennis Rodman, the former Chicago Bulls superstar, Celebrity Apprentice contestant and all-around eccentric was holding court in the Ron Zacapa cabana. Raising a glass of 23-year-old Centenario ($39.99), he declared. “Dwight you know me from ‘the Day.’ I’m a Jagermeister man and a cognac and cigar man all the way. But this stuff here—this is excellent. You here what I said, ‘cause I don’t use that word often. This is EXCELLENT!”

All part of Rodman’s outpatient therapy. As Dr. Drew will tell you, the alcohol saves Rodman from regular tetanus shots. Until #91 got back on the fortified wine, his jaw was known to often lock at the most inopportune times.