Celebrity Injustice Will Prevail In Michael Vick Dog Abuse Trial

CELEBRITY (IN)JUSTICE WILL PRESIDE OVER VICK’S TRIAL: To the dozens of overheated cranks who emailed us about our assertation that Michael Vick will never see the inside of a cell block, we’re well aware that Vick is facing Federal charges and that those charges are considerably more serious than those Qyntel Woods faced.

Michael Vick

Our opinion was in no way based on the evidence at hand. Instead, it is the demographic makeup of the jury which will determine the outcome of the trial. And based on the jury pool available in Richmond, VA., what demographic do you think will be sitting in the jury box? And do you think those Virginians will be admirers of Hokie hero Vick?

Michael Vick

Also, we all know the impressive conviction record of Federal prosecutors, who enjoy a 90%+ success rate. But in this case, what portion of our celebrity obssessed population does Michael Vick represent? Like it or not, the NFL star resides in the our society’s most-protected class.

Jayson Williams

If evidence in celebrity court cases was important, O.J. Simpson, Jayson Williams, Robert Blake wouldn’t be walking amongst us. We’re as disgusted as anyone with Vick’s criminal activities, but that won’t change the nature of our broken legal system.