Cedric Benson On DUI: ‘I Aced’ Field Sobriety Test

Chicago running back Cedric Benson knows that he’s on thin ice with the Bears’ front office after being pepper sprayed during a boating incident and then getting pulled over for suspicion of DUI.

Cedric Benson beer

Once again, Benson is pleading his innocence, claiming that he “aced” the sobriety test. And I believe him, as I’m sure he’s had plenty of experience with them.


The Chicago TV station WMAQ reported Sunday night that Benson sent a text message to one of its reporters saying, “I aced the field test, check the video.”

So far no video of the incident has been released, but an Austin police spokeswoman offered a different version of events, saying Benson was arrested as a result of poor performance in the field sobriety test. Benson refused a Breathalyzer and would not provide a blood sample.

Benson’s lawyer says that Benson wasn’t drunk but did consume two or three drinks. Benson is expected to participate in the Bears’ organized team activities today.

We haven’t seen any video yet, but how much impairment could three drinks cause a 220-pound man? Not to suggest that he wasn’t over the legal limit, but how drunk could he really have been? Just because Benson is held to a higher standard in society doesn’t take away his rights with regard to probably cause and due process.

Everyone seems certain that Benson was acting irresponsibly. Maybe he was. But law enforcement in Austin seems to really like following the guy around. But it does seem that, as Benson lawyers up, he’ll be prepared for the next test they throw in front of him.

Unfortunately, Benson’s underperforming at running back means that the Bears can feign nobility and cut Benson without losing too much. It might be time for Ced to get out of that hot Texas air and study for football closer to the Windy City.