Benson Denies Drunk Boating, Wants His Mommy

Cedric Benson created quite the boating brouhaha over the weekend. But the CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that the Bears RB denies that he was, um, rocking the boat with local authorities.

Cedric Benson Big Mommas House

Benson disputes that he was drunk & that he was resisting officers, claiming that it was the cops who were the ones acting rough. It was so traumatic for poor Cedric that he had to call out for his mommy:

“Nobody saw what he did to me,” Benson said. “I started screaming for my mother to come. That’s when they put me under arrest. And the officer threw a life jacket over my head.”

Worse, police refused to let Benson re-board his boat to fetch his teddy bear before being hauled away.

Cedric further claims that he was a perfect gentleman throughout the ordeal:

“I’m thinking, I passed all the tests, did everything right. Then the officer told me we needed to go to land to take more tests. I politely asked him why we needed to go to land to take more tests when I took every test. Then he sprayed me with mace, on his boat.

“I’m not handcuffed. I’m not under arrest. I’m not threatening him. I’m not pushing him. I’m not touching him. And he sprays me right in my eye.”

Cedric further adds that things got worse when they were ashore:

“Once we got to land, the Travis County police grabbed me and kicked my feet from under me. So I landed on my back while I was handcuffed. They held me down and held the water hose over my face. I couldn’t breathe, I’m choking, I’m begging the cops, ‘Please stop. Please stop.’ Then they picked me up and dragged me backward toward their car. And I’m still being polite, asking them, ‘Sir, could you please allow me to walk like a man to your cop car?’ They just kept dragging me on.”

What a nice young man, being able to maintain all that politeness after getting doused with all that pepper spray.

So, is it Cedric or the police that are telling fishy stories about Benson’s boating adventure? A judge will give his/her final answer on May 19.

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