CC Sabathia Tosses Out $15m in Cash for NJ Villa

If you have to move to New Jersey (and just a reminder: you don’t), it’s a fine time to shop for a home. Single-family home sales dropped 18% in 2008 and the median sales price took a 7.5% nose-dive. As always, you’ll get the best mortgage rates when you don’t take one out at all.

Dollar bill

(We know it’s hard to imagine $15 million, so we’ve provided a visual aid.  Imagine this dollar bill… but 15 million of them.  You’re welcome.)

Therefore, it couldn’t be a better time for new Yankee CC Sabathia to lay out $15 million in cash on a nifty little place in tony Alpine, NJ. He will live near Puffy, Britney, Mary J., (Not-So-Little) Stevie, and Chris Rock. This must be part of the Yankees’ plan to keep the puffy pitcher’s arm eternally young: Immerse it in the past.

The NEW YORK POST refers to the $15 million purchasing price as “spare change” for the newly-re-wealthy pitcher, but we sincerely wonder what Page Six thinks CC keeps in those uniform pockets when he takes the field. Don’t they know that’s where he keeps his tailgating food from last year’s Raiders games? That stuff never goes bad, man; it already started there.

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