CC Sabathia Would Like to Thank Cleveland, Food

It’s no secret that CC Sabathia is a big, big man. Large and in charge, if you will. In all likelihood, he enjoys scarfing down whole pizzas in single sittings, and may or may not be partial to family/buffet style.

CC Sabathia Indians

But all of that largeness also brings heat on his fastball. Which is cool. And it makes him jolly and jovial and, apparently, thankful. Via Pat Lackey at FANHOUSE comes word that CC has gone so far as to take an ad out in the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER to thank the fans for all their support while he was in Cleveland. Oh. And he would also like to thank “Time to Dine”.

The full ad can be seen after the jump.

CC ad

To the great fans of Cleveland, my fellow teammates and coaches, the Cleveland Indians executive front office, the Dolan family, the City of Cleveland … Thank you for ten great years

You’ve touched our lives with your kindness, love, and generosity. We are forever grateful! It’s been a privilege and an honor!

CC and Amber Sabathia and Family

Now, Lackey claims to have the scruples to avoid a joke about “Time to Dine” being one of the sponsors that CC gives a shout-out to, but I have no such semi-morals. Seeing that name in the ad absolutely kills me. And I’ve clicked more times than CC’s been to the pantry today. (Zing!)

However, I would agree completely with him that this is a pretty spectacular and touching tribute to the city of Cleveland - and to CC and his family as good people. it’s not very usual when you see an athlete who was forcibly traded out of a situation take a step back and thank all the people who helped him while he was there.