Denver Media Reports: Hawkins Will Not Be Fired

UPDATE: Official, Hawkins back for 2010.

UPDATE: CBS 4’s Vic Lombardi Tweets Wednesday night: “We know the decision…do you really think Bohn is gonna fire Hawk on Thanksgiving? C’mon. He’s coming back.

UPDATE: Maybe the Hawk isn’t grounded after all, as the big Denver newstalk radio station, KOA-AM, is reporting this afternoon that Dan Hawkins will return as Colorado coach next season.

CBS 4’s Vic Lombardi in Denver today is reporting:

Dan Hawkins Crashes And Burns

Two sources inside the CU football progam told CBS4’s Vic Lombardi that Hawkins recently met with Unversity Chancellor Phil DiStefano and came away from the meeting with the understanding that he’s safe for another year no matter what happens on Friday against Nebraska.

Lombardi also reports “Colorado Athletic Director Mike Bohn said he could not confirm anything until he returns to Boulder on Thursday.

But wait, there’s much, much more!

The DENVER POST reports late this afternoon that, “The University of Colorado made a statement to dismiss Vic Lombardi’s claim that chancellor DiStefano agreed with Dan Hawkins that he would return next year as head coach of the Buffs.


Bronson Hilliard, DiStefano’s spokesman, confirmed Hawkins did meet with the chancellor this week, but was given no assurances that he’d return.

“It was a review to review the season and have a frank discussion,” Hilliard said. “I don’t want to characterize the outcome as an endorsement of the coach. It’s certainly Mike Bohn’s decision.”

Meanwhile, the BOULDER DAILY CAMERA reports:

Bohn said an official announcement about the football coaching situation will come Thursday.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? While AD Bohn was in Maui, Hawkins went to the chancellor to try to save his job - theoretically going over Bohn’s head while he was unavailable. Then, perhaps, Hawkins “leaked” the info to Lombardi that the chancellor said he’d get at least one more season.

Not claiming that happened, but from the two reports and the nature of the CU rebuttal, it certainly seems like it could be a possibility.