CBS Golf Analyst: ‘1 Word About Tiger, I Get Fired’

Needn’t know anything about sports media to realize Tiger Woods won’t be a hot topic during upcoming televised pro golf tournaments. But CBS golf analyst Ian Baker-Finch was thoughtful enough to remind us of that to the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD.

Ian Baker-Finch and Tiger Woods

(Baker-Finch (left) knows his business well)

MEANWHILE the Tiger saga continues worldwide with former British Open champion and respected CBS golf commentator Ian Baker-Finch even revealing he has been gagged by the US network from talking about the champ’s dramatic fall from grace. ”Mate, if I say one word about Tiger I will get fired,” Baker-Finch said yesterday before playing in Australia’s richest one-day pro-am at Wynnum Golf Club.

If you think that’s an exaggeration about CBS and its golf announcers, ask Gary McCord.

Since Woods hasn’t made a habit the past few years of playing any PGA Tour events until mid-to-late January, you probably won’t see or hear any acknowledgement he is gone until Torrey Pines.

Then perhaps there’ll be a cursory nod at best.

Rumors will inevitably abound about Woods coming back until sets foot ont0 his first teebox, but a CBS golf broadcast is quite literally the last place on earth you would hear anything not confirmed out of the mouth of the publicity-plagued one.