CBS Broadcasts Video Game Highlights

CBS BROADCASTS VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENT HIGHLIGHTS: CBS made history over the weekend, we suppose, as they became the first U.S. TV network to cover a video game tournament as if it were an actual sporting event:

CBS special presentation video game

Seth Schiesel of the NEW YORK TIMES spotted the Big Eye broadcasting edited highlights of the World Series of Video Games tournament on Sunday. The program included play-by-play calling, explanatory boxes popping up on screen, and in-studio hosts they were able to drag away from MTV’s “Total Request Live.”

Some sponsors apparently see the potential of watching TV about people watching TV as they play Madden, Halo and the like, since ad time was bought by KFC, Intel and the Marines.

Halo KFC

Although none of the other networks have any video gaming plans, CBS reportedly has two more similar shows in the works for this year.

Rob Correa, CBS Sports Senior V.P. of Programming, thinks they’ve earned a place in the annals of TV history: “In 10 years, we could be looking back on this as a very significant moment.”

Well, check back with us in 10 years to see if we remember this golden moment.