CBC Broadcasts Toronto Raptors Game in Punjabi

The CBC’s experiment with Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts in Punjabi (the fourth-most spoken language in Canada) proved to be so popular that the CBC assigned the same broadcast team (Parminder Singh and Harnarayan Singh) to the second-most popular losing team in Toronto.

Parminder Singh and Harnarayan Singh, Punjabi announcers

Therefore, the Toronto Raptors pounded the snot out of the L.A. Clippers 100-76 Sunday night while being announced in English and Punjabi (but not French), connecting Northern Indian and Pakistani immigrants with their countrymen in one common goal: shouting, “Pass the damned ball, Shawn Marion!”

Of course, the Raptors’ player acquisition philosophy is international as well; they sport an Italian, a Spaniard, a Briton, a Croatian, a resident of New South Wales, and Jason Kapono, who lives solely in the Land of Three.

Parminder Singh and Harnarayan Singh with Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party

(The Singhs with Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party)

Therefore, if the Singhs will carry this spirit from their hockey work into announcing other sports, we can’t help but support them:

Ice in Punjabi is barf - which sounds a lot like barf so we say the Leafs barfed the puck and at times with the way they’ve been playing, it’s not really far off from the actual meaning of barf in English.

Now do “absolute waste of a overall #1 pick”!