Cavs’ Wright Packs 14 Pairs of Sunglasses for Trip

Whenever anyone travels, it’s always a tough chore figuring out what to pack. In my earlier days, I would throw a couple pairs of clean underwear in a backpack and that would have me set for the week. Who needs more shirts & pants than what you already have on? But I’ve grown & become more mature - now I throw in a few pairs of socks, too.

Lorenzen Wright sunglasses

However, some people prefer to bring along more than just the bare essentials. Take Lorenzen Wright of the Cleveland Cavaliers, for instance. When he hits the road, he feels the need to take along a few more accessories - like 14 pairs of sunglasses.

The PLAIN DEALER took a look at Lorenzen’s load as the Cavs hit the West Coast this week for a four-day, three-game swing. And in three suitcases, here’s what makes up Wright’s stuff:

Five dress suits and one casual suit; seven belts; six dress shirts and six pairs of cuff links; five ties; five pairs of jeans; three long-sleeve T-shirts; four casual T-shirts; one vest; two sweat suits; nine pairs of shoes; 14 pairs of sunglasses in a case; underwear, undershirts, socks; one dop kit with toiletries. In a Louis Vuitton backpack: computer; cell phones; DVD player and movies; jewelry; iPod; headphones; Bible.

See? Lorenzen carries a backpack, too! However, instead of Louis Vuitton, I believe mine was a K-Mart blue light special.

But what’s with all those shades? Granted, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Sacramento tend to be a bit more sunnier this time of year than Cleveland. However, can’t Lorenzen get by with just one pair? And if he happens to lose it, it’s not like sunglasses are hard to find in California or Arizona.

Then again, it sounds like everything he takes doesn’t go to waste:

Glancing around the room, Wright admits: “This is a lot of stuff, isn’t it? I never looked at it like this before.”

Then he smiles.

“But you know what’s funny?” he asks. “I’ll wear it all, except for maybe one suit. Somehow by the time I get home, I never have anything left.”

So, 14 sunglasses in 4 days. That’s comes out to 3 1/2 pairs per day. And if he’s hauling them in a “nice leather case”, it’s fair to assume he’s got a fair smattering of high-priced Oakleys & Ray-Bans in his collection.

Maybe Lorenzen needs to take ZZ Top’s advice.