Cavs, Spurs Victorious in Battle! Now We Dance!

Oh, what a day of games, friends! That LeBron James is truly a marvelous athlete! What truly wondrous dunk shots that young knave can make! Quite the start to the National Basketball Association 2008 Playoffs!

mike brown dancing

(I dance when I’m happy.)

Behind Sir James’ 32 basket points, the Cavaliers of Cleveland toppled those Washingtonian Wizards. A valliant effort by Gilbert Arenas went for naught as the Cavaliers proved victorious in the final minute of play. Twas the sword that proved mightier than the tongue in this duel.

And in the second monumental matchup, another outstanding game of basketball. Double overtime, even! It was expected that this series would be tremendous and tremendous it was. The cunning of Phoenix Suns contrasted with the grittiness of the San Antonio Spurs proved to be fantastically entertaining. What a delight!

dantoni nash

(We dance when we’re angry.)

Amare Stoudemire fouling! Tim Duncan three-pointing! Who knew of such things! In the end, this game would not end. But eventually, the Spurs somehow outlasted the Suns. Fortunately, neither the Suns nor the Spurs suffered any casualties, unlike last year. As foretold, this series will be one for the ages.

Please join me for tonight’s super liveblog. It shall be glorious.