Cavs’ Joe Smith Is A Beast When It Comes To Rap

In their quest for their first NBA title, the Cleveland Cavaliers have finally found their song. Much like the “Super Bowl Shuffle” inspired the Chicago Bears to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy after SBXX, the Cavs may have come across the anthem that will lead LeBron & Co. to b-ball glory.

Joe Beast aka Joe Smith album cover

The whack track is by up & coming rap artiste Joe Beast. But you may know Mr. Beast better as Cavs forward Joe Smith.

The SPORTING NEWS’ FIRST CUTS kicks out the jams, as Joe Beast/Smith joins a long list of athletes who feel a musical career is in their future. Cavs players & fans were given a taste of Beast’s block-rocking beats when Joe’s new playoff-themed ditty debuted before Saturday’s home game vs. the Pistons. And the CLEVELAND PLAIN-DEALER samples some lyrics:

One team, one goal, one dream. One thing, one quest, one ring. Once again it’s on, back on the quest for a title. In order for us to get it, we must compete with our rivals … See the president, ‘Bron James the King; and Anderson Varejao, they call him the Wild Thing.

Word to your mother.

Sounds like something that makes you wanna get your groove on? Then feel free to check out other songs by Beast at his MySpace page. And when the Cavs’ postseason is put to pasture, maybe Joe can go touring with Dallas Cowboys metalheads Free Reign.