Highest Paid Batboy In MLB History Makes Debut

Last Sunday starting Cincinnati Reds shortstop Orlando Cabrera, who is currently on the 15-day disabled list with strained oblique muscle, made history.

(More from Reds batboy Luke Stowe on Cabrera’s performance)
Cabrera, who is making $2.3 million this year, became the highest paid batboy in baseball history by assisting the club’s regular batboy, 16-year-old Luke Stowe.
From […]


Pics: Did Deion Put C-Note On Son’s Youth Game?

Last March, Jean-Jacques Taylor of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS wrote a nice piece about how Deion Sanders was establishing eight teams in a Dallas youth football league in an attempt to, “turn city-owned Wheatland Park into a thriving youth football complex.”

(Sanders allegedly collecting payoff from youth league game)
The above photo was taken on Sept. […]


Aluminum Bat Maker Found Liable In 2003 Death

Back in 2003, Montana high school pitcher Brandon Patch was struck by a line drive from an aluminum bat in his temple during a game. Patch would die from the injuries four hours later; his family, quite understandably, eventually filed a lawsuit.

Their lawsuit, however, wasn’t against staff at the game or anybody else who was […]


Boys Won’t Play Against Girl For ‘Moral Reasons’

A brawl broke out between two Colorado youth football coaches on Monday night when one team refused to take the field because the other had a girl in its starting lineup. The coaches of the Eaton, Colorado team of 10- and 11-year-olds had expressed concerns over their boys hitting and tackling a girl due to […]


Boy Beats Cancer, Gets Cut From Basketball Team

The Eagan (MN) Traveling Basketball Association has a funny way of rewarding the brave. One of its participants, young Conor Smith, was 11 when he was stricken with a brain tumor in 2007. During his treatment, doctors also diagnosed Conor with Leukemia. Obviously, basketball was out of the question as he received chemotherapy for the […]


KISS Allied With HS Football Team Back In 1970s

A couple hundred miles from the mean streets of Detroit Rock City, there was - still is, actually - a sleepy town on the edge of the Manistee National Forest up in northwest Michigan named Cadillac. Why they named their town after a car brand, we’ll never know.*

(What, nobody on the team wanted Peter Criss‘ […]


Bonjour, Les Enfants! Tony Parker In French ‘Toon

It’s getting to the point where Tony Parker is famous for just being Tony Parker. Oh, not in America, mind you; here, he’s little more than just another point guard, albeit a pretty good one. No, France is where Parker really shines, being a native and all. There, he and Eva Longoria are famous enough […]


City Bureaucrats Determined To Keep Visors Clear

There’s a reason that rules and laws exist. We get that. Sure, sometimes we chafe under the authority of bosses or government or society, but without rules and laws, our perfect little society would devolve into some bizarre violent scene out of Waterworld, with roving gangs of urine-drinking Kevin Costners wreaking havoc on the post-apocalyptic […]


Taiwan Succumbs To U.S., Sweet Tooth In LLWS

In the end, Chinese Taipei met their doom in the Little League World Series the way that most vanquished teams do — due to Almond M&M’s. California kids know that you don’t pig out on tasty candy until after the game. But Taiwan was cocky, as we see below in this screencap from their dugout, […]


383-Pound 8th Grade Football Player Dies On Field

The death of a child in any circumstance is a horrible tragedy to be avoided at all costs. The world, unfortunately, is a random and cruel place where horrible tragedies occur with terrible regularity. Sometimes, these tragedies are unavoidable - cancer strikes or a freak genetic condition rears its ugly head. Much more often in […]