Houston TV Station Duped By WWE Set Stunt?

How many times do you have to tell people that professional wrestling is staged before it will sink in? THE BLOG OF HILARITY passes on a short item from Houston TV station KHOU on WWE head honcho Vince McMahon apparently being injured by a falling set on RAW on Monday night…except that, considering the WWE, […]


Lex Luger: Now I Can’t Lift A One-Pound Dumbbell

Most of us remember Lex Luger from his days as a professional wrestling superstar from the 1980s and ’90s.

The former wrestler, whose real name is Lawrence Pfohl, is down to 185 pounds and now counts showering and shaving on his own as great victories of the day, thanks to an accident last October that left […]


Chris Benoit Phone Messages Released: So What?

It seems like the only that thing sadly survived WWE wrestler Chris Benoit’s murder-suicide rampage was the story of the aftermath. WSB-TV ATLANTA got a hold of cell phone messages left by Benoit and his friends and family, and only 10 months after the slayings!

WSB-TV say the voice mails ” give new insight into what […]


Hulk REALLY Likes Brooke’s Friends, Butt This?!

Some recent photos of Hulk Hogan … and daughter Brooke?!:

Pop culture junkies know that Hulk cheated on his wife of 24 years, Linda, with one of Brooke’s friends. So we suppose these photos, in that context, or completely normal.
Actually, we’re not so sure about that. We might have to consult Roger Clemens on it.


Can You Smelllllllllllllllllll What Barack Is Cooking?

RANDBALL bounces over this fun little video of the big three presidential candidates speaking to that most coveted sector of the voting public - wrestling fans!

Hillary Rodham Clinton implores viewers that for tonight, just call her “Hill-Rod”. Meanwhile, in an amusing nod to former WWE star The Rock, fellow Democrat Obama asks special interest […]


Wooo! Congresswoman Moves To Honor Ric Flair

Your tax dollars at work: PRO WRESTLING TORCH slams down news that U.S. Representative Sue Myrick (R-NC) spent time on the congressional floor Tuesday to read a statement honoring the recently retired Ric Flair:

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Ric Flair speech without the “WOOO!”, which Myrick happily supplies at the end of her pontification […]


Wrestler Forgets To Pack Up HGH On Moving Day

The family that recently moved into a home they just purchased from a currently unnamed WWE wrestler just outside Atlanta found a special accidental housewarming gift from the wrestler when rummaging around the attic last weekend: a box filled with HGH, testosterone, neomasteron, and enough syringes to open their own home health clinic.

Also found in […]


Website: Wife Texted Benoit About Steroid Abuse

The wife of Chris Benoit was worried about her husband’s growing steroid use, and texted the wrestler her concerns just a month before he went on his family killing spree, according to a wrestling website.

STEROID NATION passes along news from PROWRESTLING.NET that Nancy Benoit had sent text messages to Chris warning him about his drug […]


Careful! Wrestling Fans Made Of Ham Flammable

If you plan to attend the next Wrestlemania in the upper deck, and you are made of ham, you might want to consider buying a can of that handy, flame-retardant foam we know WWE is required by law to sell at all Wrestlemania concession stands.

WFTV reports the scary news today that, “More than 40 people […]


Mayweather Jr. KOs Big Show, Disses De La Hoya

Sunday night was a special evening for delectable debuts. The Washington Nationals opened their new ballpark with a walk-off homer and a Bush booing session. Meanwhile, 850 miles to the south, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s wrestling career got off to a slamming start.

Arash Markazi of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reports on the WBC welterweight champ’s first performance […]