Speed Read: Dominican Dream Done In by Dutch

The Netherlands’ World Baseball Classic team showed just how awesome colonialism was with their second victory over the Dominican Republic yesterday, 2-1 in 11 innings. This unlikely series of events pushes the Netherlands team into the second round and eliminates the Dominican squad.

The Netherlands team’s combination of Arubans, Netherlands Antilles residents, and the occasional […]


Todd Bridges, Gordon Ramsay Are Sports Stars!

Want to polish up the turd that has been your celebrity “career”?  Give yourself a little more exposure and perhaps remind people of your manliness?  Why, become a sports star as well! You’ll reek of testosterone and those rubes in the sticks will throw cash at you while women whip their tops off. Absolutely true. […]


Jimmy Snuka Still Wrestling, And Teaching, At 65

Did Mickey Rourke get robbed at the Oscars? Not especially, since he was basically playing himself. A true and therefore more interesting character is that of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, the real past-his-prime wrestler who lives in New Jersey with a heart problem and wrestles on weekends to recapture past glory.

Snuka is doing more than […]


82-YO Wrestling Legend May Have Killed Roomie

Verne Gagne is a wrestling legend. He was the owner and perennial champion of the American Wrestling Association (an early WWE), and hosted the “league’s” weekly Smackdown-style TV show, “All-Star Wrestling” - which just so happened to be the one of the highest rated primetime shows for almost 40 years. Now it seems that, afflicted […]


Fake Wrestler Chris Jericho Punches Real Woman

We’ll admit it; we didn’t watch The Wrestler. Sure, it got good reviews, but we refuse to support anything that glorifies Mickey Rourke. The reviews told us it was gritty and “real”–and that in order to prepare for the role, Rourke probably did a bunch of steroids. That’s because all professional wrestlers do a bunch […]


WWE Steroid Hearing Turns Into Royal Rumble

If we’ve learned anything from baseball, it’s that congressional hearings on steroids are the most entertaining things ever. But would it have killed ESPN to televise Vince McMahon’s hearing discussing steroids in professional wrestling? Though it happened a year ago, the transcript was just released from the WWE boss’s appearance on Capitol Hill, and my […]


SbB Caption Contest: Mankind’s Greatest Weapon

Greetings, fair readers! Once again it’s time to dispense with another SbB Clever Caption Contest! Today we slam down a snapshot of the man called Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind - the triple-threat ring warrior we all know & love as Mick Foley:

Care to wrestle up any ideas of what we got goin’ on here? […]


Vince McMahon Demands Wrestling Be Realistic

One of the worst parts of childhood is growing up to understand that a lot of the things you held dearest are a bunch of crap.  Santa Claus?  Your dad in a fat suit.  The Easter Bunny?  Come on.  You thought that was real?   The tooth fairy?  That’s just a bunch of crap to get […]


Family of Wrestler’s Wife Loses Lawsuit v. Hustler

When Nancy Benoit was murdered at the hands of her husband Chris last year, Hustler magazine decided to pay tribute to the late wrestler’s late wife - by publishing lingerie & semi-nude photos she had posed for in the early ’80s.

Well, Nancy’s family didn’t take too kindly to Larry Flynt profiting from the painful publicity […]


Ric Flair Learns That Not All Punches Are Fake

Wondering how retirement’s been treating Ric Flair lately? Great! He gets to spend a lot more time with his family. Specifically, doing things like getting into drunken brawls with his daughter’s boyfriend while she gets arrested for assaulting an officer after the cops show up. The family that fights together stays together.

WTVD reports that cops […]