Small 2011 PSU Event: Sandusky, Curley, Spanier

On November 5, 2011, Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley was charged by the Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania with felony perjury, a crime punishable by up to seven years in prison, along with failure to report the alleged sexual abuse of a child. (Child Protective Services Law.)

(March 23, 2011)
Curley’s charges stem from […]


Ex-College Wrestler Killed Cathouse Prostitute?

Former Tennessee-Chattanooga wrestler and current pro MMA fighter David Allen Tyner has been named in a complaint and arrested in response to the recent murder of prostitute Brooke Phillips, who was featured in the HBO reality series Cathouse.

Phillips, who was pregnant at the time of her death, was among four burned bodies found at an […]


Unsanctioned High School MMA? That’s A Lawsuit

One of the few problems MMA faces in gaining acceptance among American culture is that it’s, to the untrained eye, virtually indistinguishable from a common brawl. “Okay,” the person thinks, “they’re just taking swings at each other with their shirts off. And now one of them is bleeding so game over.” There’s plenty more to […]


Kid Uses Lotto Loot To Start Chick-Wrestling Show

So you’ve just won $17 million in South Carolina’s Powerball Lotto, and you’re deciding what to do with your new-found riches. Well of course the answer is obvious: Move to Tampa Bay and start a TV show featuring scantily-clad women wrestlers.

Jay Vargas was only 19 when he took the lottery’s $17 million lump sum. Now […]


Monkey Abuse Shames Japanese Wrestling World

Let’s be honest. When you hear that there’s a story involving A) Japanese wrestlers and B) a monkey, the immediate expectation is that there’s going to be all sorts of hilarious hijinks and that the monkey makes their lives more difficult by, like, hiding things and doing monkey laughs, and the wrestlers act all bewildered […]


Um, Pro Wrestling Actually Punishes Steroid Use?

It was just announced that Rey Mysterio (nĂ© Oscar Gutierrez) was suspended by the WWE for steroid use. If you’re like us, you’re utterly shocked, SHOCKED… that the WWE actually tests for that stuff. With all due respect to the wrestlers who build their bodies naturally, um, look at your colleagues.

(This guy? He’s the […]


Kurt Angle: Your Olympic Hero And Creepy Stalker

Kurt Angle is many things: an Olympic hero who won a gold medal in amateur wrestling with a broken neck; one of the most successful and popular professional wrestlers of his generation; and if allegations made by his girlfriend are correct, a creepy stalker. The PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE says that Angle was arrested on Saturday in […]


Miss. State Brings Body Paint, Fellatio To Rivalry

On Tuesday, we brought you the story of Tennessee’s shirtless “Wild Boyz,” which sounds like the name of an “alternative” adult movie - and which looks like one, too. But despite the overwhelming shirtlessness of it all, it was still a bit, well, passive. It’s not an orgy if everyone’s just standing around; you need […]


“Rowdy” Roddy Piper Gets A “Rowdy” Rod-D-U-I

Roddy Piper, in his defining role as Nada in the seminal classic They Live, uttered one of the finest lines in cinematic history just 20 short years ago: “I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I’m all out of gum.”

(Surely an upstanding peer like Mickey Rourke never would have encouraged substance […]


Suspects Fingered In Mini-Wrestler Murder Case

Because I know that you’ve been clamoring for justice in the sad deaths of little-person Mexican wrestlers La Parkita and Espectrito Jr., I bring you this breaking news. A woman has been detained by Mexican police, who believe she is one of the two presumed prostitutes who drugged the tiny wrestlers in a hotel room, […]