Pics: Ex-UTEP Baller Claudia Lampe Goes Topless

We’ve long admired Claudia Lampe Porras, the former UTEP basketball player who also happens to be a Bolivian model and celebrity.

Since leaving UTEP, she’s back in the modeling biz, with these her latest shots from a fashion show in Bolivia two weeks ago.

I’ve obtained a new cache of previously unseen photos of Lampe (her modeling […]


Hoops: Girl Is Sweet 16 And World’s Tallest Teen

Perry Chiarmonte and Cynthia R. Fagen of the NEW YORK POST have a Coney Island-esque intro for 6-11, 210-pound New Jersey high school sophomore basketball player Marvadene Anderson, calling her “the world’s tallest teenage girl.” (Wait, what about the inevitable 19-year-old cave-dwelling Mongolian, who checks in at nine-foot-nine?)

(Prob wouldn’t have posted this if the video […]


LPGAer: Heard Of Tiger’s Alleged Infidelity In July

Swedish newspaper AFTONBLADET reports LPGA player Helen Alfredsson confirmed to Sweden’s TV4 what has long been discussed in hushed tones by golf media: Tiger Woods’ infidelity talk among golfers started last July at The Open at Turnberry.

Last Sunday, Alan Shipnuck of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reported:
I remember at Turnberry, after Woods missed the cut, a few of […]


Gerhart’s Girlfriend Speaks: ‘He’s One Big Muscle’

It’ll probably never get better for Toby Gerhart, a running back for Stanford who was largely anonymous until four days ago. But in the aftermath of leading The Cardinal to a 55-21 drubbing of USC at The Coliseum, he’s now a hot college football commodity.

Gerhart’s performance last Saturday and this season will almost certainly warrant […]


Are Women’s Basketball Sites Getting Too Sexy?

Take a look at the photo below, from Texas A&M’s women’s basketball site (it’s also a poster). Too much? Are some women’s college teams, like Florida State, depicting their athletes in the sexiest ways possible, so as to distance themselves from the lesbian stereotype? I ask because I care.

(Sexy poster, or deleted scene from HBO’s […]


High School Runners Race With Crosses On Face

Paul Lukas at Uni Watch today posted a couple links to photos of high school cross country runners in Oregon. In the shots, Jesuit High School runners compete in a state meet with painted crosses on their faces:

The high school team doesn’t do it all the time, witness Jesuit’s top runner Annamarie Maag last month.

Jesuit […]


Update: Elizabeth Lambert Suspended By Lobos

Earlier this morning, we showed you video of New Mexico women’s soccer player Elizabeth Lambert going full berzerker on the Lobos’ opponents, BYU. Despite repeated blatant offenses against the Cougars (no, not them) - not the least of which was yanking a competitor to the ground by her ponytail, as seen below, Lambert only got […]


Do Not Mess With New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert

You know it’s a big day when we’re bringing you women’s soccer highlights. Yesterday’s game between BYU and New Mexico wasn’t especially crazy if you only look at the box score. 1-0, Stormin’ Lady Mormons. It’s how we all got there that’s raising an eyebrow or two.

(Hey hey hey hey hey, none of that, girls.)
Yeah, […]


Best ESPN Mag The Body Nude Shot You Missed

No idea how I missed this, but ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s “The Body Issue” included an impressive nude photo of LPGA golfers Sandra Gal and Christina Kim.

(Sandra Gal, Christina Kim)
Shot is after the jump. Definitely not safe for work!


Roethlisberger’s ‘Faces’ Neighbor Willow Koerber

In 1999, 17-year-old Findlay High School Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was featured in Sports Illustrated’s Faces In The Crowd:

Right next to the Super Bowl-winning QB in the feature that week was a high school mountain biker from Asheville, NC named Willow Koerber.

Like Roethlisberger, Koerber has gone on to a successful professional career.