Golf Hall of Famer To Muslims: ‘Go Away - Soon!’

The issue of a mosque being built in close proximity to Ground Zero is a passionate subject for many Americans, which is understandable. (I’m one of them.)

Personally, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that perhaps a Mosque shouldn’t be built near the Ground Zero site in New York City. But I can see both […]


Audio: Erica Blasberg Suicide 911 Call Released

The 911 call involved with Erica Blasberg’s May 9 suicide was released by Henderson, Nev., Police today - along with the arrest of the man who phoned in that call after discovering Blasberg’s body.

The caller, Dr. Thomas Hess, turned himself into authorities today after an arrest warrant was issued for him on the charge of […]


Coroner Reports Erica Blasberg Death Was Suicide

The LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL reports Tuesday afternoon that the death of pro golfer Erica Blasberg has been ruled suicide by the Clark County coroner.

Though not accused of affecting Blasberg’s death, Henderson, Nev., Police today issued an arrest warrant for Dr. Thomas Hess. The warrant includes obstruction of justice charges as it pertains to the removal […]


Vid: Golf’s ‘Girl Next Door’ Lobs F-Bomb At French

On of the web’s top golf bloggers Stephanie Wei has a fun video from last weekend’s LPGA Evian Masters in France.

What makes it fun? Wei with setup: “LPGA Girl Next Door Calls French Gallery a “F*@&ing Circus.” Morgan Pressel’s pristine reputation certainly adds to the amusement, but for me it wasn’t the f-bomb itself […]


Blasberg’s Dad: Erica “Missed Having a Boyfriend”

The Henderson, NV police investigation into the death of Erica Blasberg has thus far been airtight. When was the last time the tabloids and the usual news channel suspects got completely shutout of a murder mystery involving someone like Blasberg? (Attractive blonde female, pro athlete.)

(Henderson Police Chief Chambers Has Thwarted Grace’s Tab TV)
If there […]


Female Tennis Player Weds, Gets Huge Tattoos

The biggest celebrity gossip story the past month in India and Pakistan - besides Bollywood - is the marriage of Indian pro women’s tennis player Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricket star Shoaib Malik.

(Thank god Sandy Bullock didn’t go through with this!)
Mirza’s decision to marry a Pakistani incurred some typical, hyperbolic protesting among India’s political […]


The Greatest Women’s Tennis Photo Of All-Time

Here’s WTA player Iroda Tulyaganova in what I’d classify as the finest piece of photography in the history of the sport.

Sadly, Tulyaganova retired last year and started a tennis academy in Uzbekistan.


Women’s Final Four More Interesting Than Men’s

That’s not a question, it’s a statement.

(’Coach’ Mode: Michael Cooper impregnates opposing team’s center)
I love Bob Huggins and his breast pocket mini bottles being in the Final Four, and Butler is a great story, especially in Indy. But if I could pick one game to attend this weekend at gunpoint it’s Brittney Griner vs. […]


Giant Inflatables, Police Tape And Lindsey Vonn

On March 10 I posted a Lindsey Vonn workout video thanks to a reader’s handy tip. Today I discovered another Vonn workout video that’s much more fun.

In this one, she still gets a lift from her (very) deep squats while atop an unwieldy object, but she’s also shown straddling a giant inflatable while wrapped in […]


Video: Lindsey Vonn Workout Relieves Stiff Joints

Here’s video of Olympic gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn working out.

(Blood flowing into joints always a good thing)
Caution: Deeps squats on something oblong and unwieldy can cause a spill.