WNBA Seeks Legitimacy With Superstar DUI Bust

Someone at the WNBA finally realized that we’re never going to take them seriously as professional athletes until they start acting like it. So it’s quite the PR coup for the league to have one of their top stars arrested for DUI.

(”Who wants another round?”)
Star guard Diana Taurasi must have wanted to celebrate being the […]


Land Of The Lost Teeth: Laimbeer Was A Sleestak

There are times you come across a story that should be completely shocking, but for some reason isn’t. Even though I had never heard this piece of news before, I didn’t bat an eye when I found out that Bill Laimbeer played a Sleestak on the original Land of the Lost. Of course he did.

Not […]


Speed Read: Braves Get Their Man (& Ditch One)

Credit the Atlanta Braves for knowing how to manage a news cycle. They flipped three prospects to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Nate McLouth to answer the need for outfield help (which they failed to answer correctly the first time by not signing Adam Dunn in the offseason), and called up Tommy Hanson (pitching phenom) and […]


LifeLock Steals Identity Of WNBA’s PHX Mercury

With American sports franchises hemorrhaging money left and right, one might wonder why our leagues haven’t embraced one of the easiest revenue streams available: selling the front of their jerseys. Really, the argument that it’s “crass commercialism” that messes with tradition doesn’t really fly anymore, considering that every other part of the pro sports viewing […]


Scot Pollard Rubs Cheryl Miller The Wrong Way

If you’re not watching NBA TV, you should probably…well, you should probably continue not watching it, and just wait for the YouTube clips of the good stuff. And this is definitely good stuff.

Cheryl Miller took offense to co-analyst Scot Pollard missing the pregame and halftime shows due to “mechanical problems” with his flight. When he […]


Candace Parker Is Extremely Proud Of Her C-Cups

Candace Parker might be the best women’s basketball player in the world. She’s also pregnant, and got hitched in a shotgun marriage to a guy nicknamed “The Landlord”. But perhaps most importantly to her, she fills out a C cup bra. At least that’s the story, according to ESPN’s Allison Glock.

Just how fond is Parker […]


College Hoops Won’t Acknowledge Lesbian Fans

Robert Bell of the GREENSBORO NEWS & RECORD has a report today on the elephant in the room when it comes to the marketing of the ACC women’s basketball tournament.

(NBA fans also are way out front on this issue!)
While the WNBA has enthusiastically embraced its lesbian fans, Bell reports that the ACC (and all […]


6′8″ HS Girl Still Throwing Down Dunks (w/Video)

Recall, if you will, the next big thing to happen to women’s hoops, in the form of 6′8″ (and still growing!) Brittney Griner, of Houston Nimitz High. Griner’s set to attend Baylor next fall, and barring any ACL disasters, will be dominating the WNBA shortly thereafter. So what’s she up to now?

If you guessed throwing […]


The Incredible Growing Female Basketball Player

When Brittney Griner started playing basketball at Houston’s Nimitz High School as a freshman, she was already pretty tall for a girl her age. She was already 6 feet, and over the last few years she’s continued growing. And when I say continued growing, I mean like a tree on steroids. Here’s a picture of […]


50-Year-Old To Play For WNBA In Shock-ing Move

The hammer came down on the Detroit Shock & Los Angeles Sparks on Thursday, as the WNBA announced its suspensions in response to last Tuesday’s “Malice In The Palace II: Made For A Woman“. Five Detroit players & assistant coach Rick Mahorn were given sentences ranging from 1 to 4 games, while L.A. also have […]