‘Homophobic Gimmick’? NBA Team Bans KissCam

Kyle Weidie of the WASHINGTON CITY PAPER reports today that the NBA’s Washington Wizards discontinued a “homophobic gimmick” last January.

Weidie noted, “just before a game against the Denver Nuggets, the Wizards stopped running the Kiss-Cam Ambush gimmick.”
What happened? Team spokesman Brian Sereno indicates that the practice was halted due to a complaint—though he won’t say […]


Broadcaster Unglued Over His Follicular Dilemma

Today I unearthed an absolutely epic tidbit from the massively underrated Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS in a profile of longtime L.A. sportscaster Larry Burnett.

(Don’t even THINK about touching that ’stache tho)
For the piece Hoffarth actually had the stones to confront Burnett, who was also an ESPN SportsCenter anchor in the third […]


Pics: Ex-UTEP Baller Claudia Lampe Goes Topless

We’ve long admired Claudia Lampe Porras, the former UTEP basketball player who also happens to be a Bolivian model and celebrity.

Since leaving UTEP, she’s back in the modeling biz, with these her latest shots from a fashion show in Bolivia two weeks ago.

I’ve obtained a new cache of previously unseen photos of Lampe (her modeling […]


Are Women’s Basketball Sites Getting Too Sexy?

Take a look at the photo below, from Texas A&M’s women’s basketball site (it’s also a poster). Too much? Are some women’s college teams, like Florida State, depicting their athletes in the sexiest ways possible, so as to distance themselves from the lesbian stereotype? I ask because I care.

(Sexy poster, or deleted scene from HBO’s […]


Blog Includes Drugs, Booze, Guns, Suicide, WNBA

Pro basketball player Chantelle Anderson has her own blog over at Yardbarker.com, and lest you think it’s boring, you haven’t read her last post.

Anderson, a former 2nd-overall WNBA draft pick and college superstar, recently told readers she’s planning on writing a book, and to my delight, she included some choice excerpts - which included her […]


WNBA’s One-Armed Juggler Will Haunt Your Sleep

We’re not going to extrapolate too much from this in terms of deeming the WNBA a “sideshow” - as we all know, the WNBA is a hugely successful league and this is just one halftime routine - but we were a little unsettled when we saw this pop up on the YOUTUBE just the other […]


Gay Porn vs. WNBA? Not Funny, As It Turns Out

You laughed at its jabs at office drudgery, you chortled at its sassy comparisons of  women’s basketball and porn. Ah, it was a great 14 hours. But as is the case with so many new shows, FOXSPORTS.COM’s new webcast, “Cubed,” has been taken down and replaced with a toned down and retooled version, owing to […]


Untruths In Advertising: Candace Parker Edition

On my way home in a cab from a Lendale White-inspired evening, I read this Tweet from the lovely Candace Parker about her postgame meal plans:

(Scroll to bottom)
I had originally planned to stopped by Trader Joe’s to pick up some Broccoli slaw and Almond milk, but as Ms. Parker tells us in this advertisement […]


WNBA Doesn’t Want You To See Lesbians Kissing

There comes a time for every parent when he has to explain the birds and the bees to his children. But when your child is a women’s basketball fan, your job is even more awkward. Just ask poor Mike Wise of the WASHINGTON POST.

Recently he had to explain to a child (presumably his own) why […]


Video: WNBA Dunk Mishap; Nice PGA Hole-In-One

Look, I have nothing against the WNBA at all. They can do a lot of stuff out there just as good as the guys. They can pass well, shoot well, get DUIs, all that. But they just need to stop with the whole dunking thing. It’s just not working out for you.

In yesterday’s All-Star game, […]