Blog-O-Rama: Clemens Back With Astros - Sort Of

• The ASSOCIATED PRESS tosses news that Roger Clemens has been invited to join the Astros - at one of their pitching camps.

• Speaking of comebacks, Buffalo Bills player Kevin Everett is coming out with book in February.
• 100% INJURY RATE studies the evolution of football video games.
• For your viewing pleasure, here’s another enjoyable […]


Everest Explorer Edmund Hillary Exhausts at 88

A famous mountaineer has passed away. And much to the chagrin of West Virginia fans, it’s not Rich Rodriguez.

Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the top of Mount Everest, died on Thursday at the age of 88.
The New Zealand explorer and his Sherpa guide Tenzig Norgay are best known for making their […]


Snowboard Champ Sells Out Lohan For $120-Large

The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports on the breakup of Lindsay Lohan and someone named Riley Giles, who is apparently a “snowboarding champ”. (Snowboarder, yes. Champ of any import? no.)

The pair met in rehab (of course) last fall and during the relationship “refused to sign a “no-kiss-’n’-tell agreement” while dating the actress he met in rehab at […]


Flying Tomato Olympic Snowboarder Sets Off Fire Extinguisher

FLYING TOMATO’S COLORADO RESORT FUN EXTINGUISHED: The cops were able to ketchup with the Flying Tomato and charge him with setting off a fire extinguisher:

KMGH-TV in Denver shoots news from the halfpipe that Olympic snowboarder Shaun White - nicknamed “The Flying Tomato” for his long red hair - was cited for pulling the foamy prank […]


Tara Dakides Tattooed Olympic Snowboarder Nude Photo Wins Roxy Chicken Jam Slopestyle

OLY SNOWBOARDER PUTS BEST CHICKEN BREAST FORWARD: This week, ink-stained Winter Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Tara Dakides won something called the “Roxy Chicken Jam Slopestyle“.

Transworld Snowboarding also dutifully reports that Leanne Pelosi won “Best Trick on the down-rail” and Jamie Anderson claimed “Best Trick on the kink bar”.And like you, I had no idea snowboarding […]