Nude Curling Calendar Still Selling Like Hot Rocks

Several years ago, a group of women curlers decided on a surefire way to gain attention for their sport: lots of flesh. They posed for a Women of Curling calendar which featured some of the more attractive broomers (or stone throwers or whatever they do) sans clothing. The calendar has become a yearly fundraiser for […]


Jamaican Ski Team Exists, Actually Pretty Decent

America likes to invent sports and force them into the Olympics. It makes us happy to see our country win more medals, and see the French fall down a lot. The 2010 Winter Olympics will feature skier cross, which is a hybrid of cross-country skiing, and obstacle course, and awesomeness. You guessed it: it got […]


VP Nominee Sarah Palin Is Also a Runner, Hunter

We already showed you Sarah Palin’s adventures in sports broadcasting, but the self proclaimed “Hockey Mom” has many more ties to sports. We use the term “sport” loosely here, but it’s interesting to note that she is a lifelong runner and hunter.

For years, her and her husband fed the family with whatever they could […]


Female Skiers Jump At Chance To Sue Olympics

What do you do when your sport is dropped from Olympic competition? For a group of female ski jumpers, there’s only one logical & level-headed approach to the situation: Sue the bastards!

The VANCOUVER PROVINCE reports that the shut-out slalom seekers plan to file a suit against the Vancouver Organizing Committee, hoping to have women’s ski […]


U.S. Figure Skating Epic Slapfest in the Making

The NEW YORK TIMES brings to America’s attention the brewing rivalry between the top two male figure skaters in the United States, Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek. Alan Schwartz dances around the issue deftly in his open, but we can sum it up much more easily:

(You wouldn’t choose sides because one of them is […]


Magdalena Neuner Makes Me Care About Biathalon

YAHOO! SPORTS tells us that the youngest woman ever to win the biathalon World Cup is 21-year-old German Magdalena Neuner. Why do we care?

Oh, we just like biathalon. Now.


Packers QB Has A Dog-Gone Good Time In Alaska

Apparently, Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers is taking this “frozen tundra” business a bit too literally.

PACKERS NEWS reports that the heir apparent to Brett Favre was in Alaska this week, participating in a dog sled race.


Tonya Harding Won’t Die Until The Fat Lady Sings

The rock opera inspired by the Tonya Harding - Nancy Kerrigan rivalry in the 1994 Winter Olympics must go on.

“Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera” will still be playing in a Portland, Oregon theater, as the show has done since its original chamber opera incarnation in 2006. The first 100 theatergoers were treated to a […]


Moose Trample On Plans For Norwegian Ski Race

Now here’s something we hope you really like: An annual ski race in Norway has been canceled on account of moose.

GOSSIP ON SPORTS slides over an AFTENPOSTEN report that the Rindhovda Rundt, a traditional trek through the valley of Gudbrandsdalen, won’t be held this year, due to the dangers of accidents with the antlered […]


Marathoner: “I Can Live a Good Life Without Toes”

We told you it was cold in Wisconsin last weekend - so cold it turns out, that an Iowa runner is about to lose some body parts.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS has the chilling news that 27-year-old Andrew Wells fell victim to frostbite during a day-long run in the Frozen Otter Ultra Trek. As a result, he’ll […]