Video: Lindsey Vonn Workout Relieves Stiff Joints

Here’s video of Olympic gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn working out.

(Blood flowing into joints always a good thing)
Caution: Deeps squats on something oblong and unwieldy can cause a spill.


Canada Stole Olympic Gold From Spyware Traitor

With Alex Bilodeau’s freestyle moguls win Sunday, Canada claimed its first gold medal as an Olympic host country, deflating the main media storyline of Games coverage north of the border.

Much more satisfying though was the bizarre circumstance of the man who may well have had his gold stolen in the event. A circumstance that made […]


15-Year-Old Speedskater Never Forgets To Floss

15-Year-Old Japanese speedskater Miho Takagi was seen wearing this today for her 1000 and 1500 meter race training runs at the Vancouver Games:

(Credit: King of Diamonds Reuters)
Actually, I prefer no ice with my two-drink minimum. Domo arigato.


Drop That Unauthorized Keychain, Or We’ll Shoot!

Canada is no United States, but they’re learning. For instance, what’s the fun in having free speech if you can’t trample on it and throw it in the garbage when the need suits you? The IOC and the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee asked themselves that very question recently, and came up with a devilish plan.

The […]


Speed Read: Artest Once Saw a Chair Kill a Dude

Reality used to be a friend of Ron Artest’s. However, it was long before the public met the kid from St. John’s a decade ago. For example, no one would be surprised to find out the new Gatorade/Tiger Woods cartoons seem like mini-documentaries to the Tru Warier because he has secretly considered himself the NBA’s […]


Speed Read: Come and Kneel Before Tiger! Kneel!

Rick Reilly stands this morning as the sports media’s Jack O’Halloran, the ever-prodding manchild from Superman II: every time he throws a bus at Tiger Woods, Tiger crawls out from underneath just a little angrier.

Sunday, Bay Hill stood in for Metropolis and Sean O’Hair pulled over the black bedazzled robes to take the Terence Stamp […]


Death From Above: Pissed Off Owl Mauling Skiers

It’s a chilly moonless night. You take off through the forest to get some cross-country skiing in when no other skiers are on the trail to interrupt you. The recent snowfall muffles all sounds, including the sound of your impending doom. Death takes wing, circling you in the night. With the faintest hint […]


First Jamaican Dogsledder Hits The Yukon Trail

Remember when the world was enthralled by the true tales of the Jamaican bobsled team? It was a simpler time then. You couldn’t even get a sympathy People’s Choice award for that storyline now. So Jamaica is stepping it up to the next level in an attempt to recapture our attention: the first Jamaican dogsled […]


Snowboarders Bummed Over New Drug Test Rules

Ever since the Michael Phelps incident there has been a lot of debate over whether or not we actually should care if athletes smoke pot occasionally. After all, it’s not exactly a performance enhancing drug, and the evidence that occasional use actually hinders anyone’s ability to achieve at a high level is spotty at best. […]


Ski Champ Stable But In Coma After Bad Crash

Ever since watching “Wide World of Sports” as a little kid, I’ve been fascinated by downhill skiing, even though I’m a lousy skier myself. I’m also a big auto racing fan, which tells you that I love speed. And despite what most racing fans will tell you, I’m like everyone else: I love seeing crashes. […]