ESPN.Com More Interesting Than Special Ed Sex is one of the biggest-read non-porn websites on the Internet. Everyone from butchers to bakers to candlestick makers checks out the Worldwide Leader’s pages on the World Wide Web. Why, even school employees working with special needs students like to browse through it.

However, supervising special ed teens may not be the best time to […]


Phew! ESPN Has Confirmed Sports Blogs Do Exist

I was all set to write a negative review on ESPN SportsCenter’s new “Blog Buzz” segment after reading early returns from THE SPORTING BLOG’s Chris Mottram. But before I could clean out the pumpkin bread crumbs between my keyboard keys, AWFUL ANNOUNCING had a post up that caused a pullback.

(Historic thaws: Obama recognizes Cuba, ESPN […]


Take A Swing At Steroid-Enhanced Online Game

Ever wonder what it was like to be a professional baseball player, and have to go through the morally-questionable decision about taking steroids? Well, now you have the chance! (Sort of.)

A video game production company called Addicting Games (owned by Nickelodeon, no less) has come out with “Baseball *Juiced”, an online mini-adventure where you play […]


Reality Shows, Sad Celeb Worship Power Twitter

I don’t have a Twitter account and don’t really know much about it. But what I do know is precisely why it is so successful - and features so many high profile athletes Tweeting on it.

Twitter’s premise dovetails perfectly with the explosion of reality shows and nonstop TV sports programming the past decade. Since […]


Cards’ Ankiel Googles Self, Finds It “Stimulating”

Rick Ankiel loves playing for the St. Louis Cardinals. Whether as a pitcher, infielder, outfielder or batboy, through thick & thin, good times & bad, injuries & slumps, the team & fans have stood by him, and vice versa. Still, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t mind being shipped somewhere else.

The Cards outfielder’s name had popped […]


Browns Put Up Bio Of Player Not Even Drafted Yet

Usually NFL teams like to keep their draft plans a well-guarded secret. But the Cleveland Browns aren’t like most NFL teams. When the new coach isn’t asking to move the team’s video room up one floor for $500,000, the webmasters of the team’s official site are adding players to the roster they haven’t even acquired […]


Erin Andrews Suing Sites Over Sex Tape Rumors?

ESPN 540 in Milwaukee, via, today interviewed Erin Andrews. As usual, Andrews fielded the obligatory inquiries about her reax to internet postings about her.

(Erin Andrews with sister Kendra)
Normally she answers those questions with diplomatic pap. But this time she wasn’t quite so nonchalant about it.


It’s Over: SG McCants Dumps Khloe Kardashian

Everyone get out your tissues, because one of the creepier pseudo-celebrity couples just broke up: As of Saturday night, North Carolina turned Minnesota shartshooter Rashad McCants and Khloe Kardashian are no longer an item.

(How anyone could feel comfortable with that guy around is mystifying.)
We know, it’s a shocker. Everyone thought they were made to […]


Cardinals GM Mozeliak Attacks Fan In Online Chat

Look, whenever a GM goes online for a chat, he should be praised. It takes guts to put yourself on the chopping block and take criticism from a firing squad that has the benefit of time to plan attacks while all you can do is respond. That being said, it might be best if St. […]


AOL Sports Gets Blown Out, Fanhouse Takes Over

Interesting move today as AOL has decided to junk “AOL Sports” in favor of calling the online portal’s entire sports area “Fanhouse“. From Eric Fisher of SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL:

(Fanhouse Fantasy Comes True: Goodbye AOL Sports!)
AOL Sports today will relaunch a new site design, completing a previously announced transition to in which the AOL moniker […]