“It’s Very Difficult To Leave Elin & The Children”

A sharp-eyed reader brought this mailbag response made by Tiger Woods to my attention:

Perhaps the only blessing for Woods the past five days is that his two children probably won’t be old enough to remember what’s happened - at least in real time.


On Deadspin’s Empty ESPN Assassination Attempt

Want to know why A.J. Daulerio exposed the personal lives of two inconsequential ESPN staffers this week? Here’s why.

At some media organizations you might get rapped for running a premature story. At Gawker Media, you’ll lose way more points for being scooped on a story you had in your hands.
Nick is Nick Denton, head of […]


My New Favorite Web Site: ClevelandFrowns.com

I’m sure Paul Brown would approve of this Cleveland Browns fan website, ClevelandFrowns.com:

Lest you think the site is great in name only, check out the epic piece of cinematography posted on the front page - which includes a Brownies fan putting his foot through the roof of a porta-potty as one of Cleveland’s finest enjoys […]


Manny’s Grab, Clutch Hit Helps Dodgers Tie NLCS


(Posted on MLB.com homepage last night - via Enrico)
What? Why are you looking at me like that?


Nyjer Morgan Loves Red, Is Possibly A Major Loon

There’s something about the name Morgan that just brings out the crazy in professional baseball — not that that’s a bad thing, necessarily. Know why Nyjer Morgan was happy about going from the Pirates to the Nationals? He likes the color red.

(Washington Nationals socks uniformity Fail) 
As you can see in the photo above (Morgan […]


Mark Madsen Will Purchase Your Illegal eBay Crap

My big Mark Madsen memory was his dunk against Rhode Island that sealed the deal and powered Stanford to the NCAA Final Four in 1998. His subsequent NBA career has been somewhat unremarkable, however, except for an unfortunate epileptic fit he humorously described as “dancing” while a member of the Lakers a few years back […]


SbB To Be Brett Favre-Free For The Next 30 Days

Last Friday, we offered you - our faithful reading audience - a chance to dictate some important editorial decisions affecting your & my favorite site on the whole World Wide Web (besides GARFIELD MINUS GARFIELD). Namely, which sports celebrity figure SbB should shun for a full month. The choices were Brett Favre, Danica Patrick, Erin […]


Warriors PR Chief Posts Anonymously On Forums

The Golden State Warriors’ front office cannot comprehend why their fans would feel the need to vent about their frustrations with the franchise. After all, they were winners dozens of time this season! 29 times total against 53 losses, but that’s just negative talk.

In the fight against negativity, Golden State Warriors public relations director Raymond […]


Cuban Apologizes To Kenyon’s Mom On His Blog

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is used to having his mouth get him in trouble since he entered the NBA. He’s repeatedly been fined by David Stern for complaints about the officials, other teams, and life in the NBA in general. On Saturday night he may have taken things just a bit too far when […]


Could Bill Simmons Really Become T-Wolves GM?

The answer to the question posed in the headline all depends on whether you believe the numbers of email respondents being circulated by the “Bill Simmons for Minnesota GM” fan group on Facebook, or the number that the team is admitting its received publicly.

(The next T-Wolves GM could be another Celtics fan.)
Either way, we […]