Unsettling Colts Behavior Released In Court Docs

When it was initially filed in federal court last year, the racial/ethnic orgin discrimination lawsuit brought by ex-Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Malori Wampler against the NFL franchise seemed dubious.

(’Midwest Moral Standards’ Apply To Indonesian Wampler, Not Caucasian Kaley?)
Then Colts Cheerleading Coordinator Theresa Pottratz participated in a sworn deposition last month.
While under oath, Pottraz volunteered on […]


Could SEC Jumping Gun Bog Down Mizzou Move?

As first noted by Clay Travis of OutKickTheCoverage.com, the Southeastern Conference accidently posted a live, viewable article available to users of its official website that announced the news that the University of Missouri had officially joined the SEC. The SEC’s official site also accidentally posted multiple other live, viewable Missouri-related articles that were produced in […]


Auburn, Oregon Shoot The Messenger Showdown

Last month an Auburn-centric site, TheAuburner.com, went all-in on an epic Sports by Brooks parody.

Today, SBNation.com site AddictedtoQuack.com checked-in with its own full-page SbB goof.

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The Big Fat Lie Behind Pirated Sports Video Sites

Tuesday the United States Department of Homeland Security shut down several highly-trafficked websites known to link and embed video streams of live sporting events along with all other forms of live and archived video entertainment. (Movies, television shows, etc.)

(Widespread pirated video mainly enabled by U.S.-based sites)
Beginning Tuesday morning the homepages of those pirated video […]


Ex-Gator Deleted Twitter Because He’s Innocent

Last week the publisher of one of the best-known college football websites in the business, Spencer Hall of EveryDayShouldBeSaturday.com, posted a piece on his site about the Twitter account of former Florida Gator football player Will Hill.

(Hill’s Twitter pic also part of sneak attac? By hacker, that is.)
The Tweet feed featured on Hill’s personal […]


Blake Griffin’s Girlfriend Is Absolutely Unreal

In the past few weeks, various websites and blogs have been reporting on Blake Griffin’s new girlfriend, a student at USC named Jasmine Shein.

Griffin and Jasmine Shein were first linked by a sports blog called playerseason.com on Dec. 22 of last year with this post:
This is Blake Griffin’s new girlfriend Jasmine Shein. The […]


Sporting News Paid AOL Millions To Drop Fanhouse

Last Thursday I reported on the essential elimination of AOL Fanhouse, with the Fanhouse brand being folded into a Sporting News portal that AOL CEO Tim Armstrong elected to install as its website’s new sports content provider.

 (Sporting News paying AOL millions? That’s no typo.)
After the Sporting News on AOL partnership was announced last Thursday, […]


AOL Folds Fanhouse Brand Into Sporting News

AOL announced today it is folding Fanhouse into Sporting News, with the latter now to serve as AOL’s sports content portal.

(No, not that Fanhouse)
Sporting News on AOL will launch in two months.
Sporting News President and Publisher Jeff Price: “We’ve made a lot of headway as far as adding video and developing a social media strategy. […]


LeBron Lashes Out At Blog After Groupie Claims

On his Twitter feed today, LeBron James lashed out at a black celebrity gossip blog that recently reported him spurning his baby mama Savannah Brinson for the company of groupies.

James Tweeted:
MTO is the most disgusting/non-credible site in the world! All they do is try to ruin people lives and talk bad upon them. Misery loves […]


LeBron Official Site: ‘You’ll Be The First To Know’

The strangely public meetings between LeBron James and six NBA teams vying for his services are over. For those of us not in the business of promoting what looks more like a marketing ploy than a serious, fact-finding mission, James’ decision on where he will land can’t come quick enough.

(Clevelanders? You’ll find out after dude […]