Volleyball Hottie Walsh Has Baby Bump, Set, Spike

A couple of months ago, Olympic gold medalists Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor saw their streak of consecutive beach volleyball wins stopped at 112 and their streak of tournament titles stopped at 19. Now we might have an idea as to why: it turns out that Walsh was pregnant. Nothing like a little morning sickness […]


May-Treanor, Walsh Win Oly Gold, Promptly Lose

Sad news out of Ohio this morning (well, sadder than the usual Ohio-related fare, anyway): Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh lost yesterday in the AVP Crocs Cup Shootout, the U.S. Open of the volleyball circuit*. Which means the gold-medal-winning duo dropped their first match in more than a year.

The span stretches 112 victories and 19 […]


An Emotional Gold For US Men’s Volleyball Team

As our long Olympic journey closes, let’s end on a positive note: the US men’s volleyball won the gold medal on Sunday by beating the heavily-favored Brazilians 3-1. Of course, the real story of the match had little to do with bumps, sets and spikes.

The story was US coach Hugh McCutcheon. As most people know […]


HS Vball Team Breaks Unwritten ‘No Spandex Rule’

In almost all cases, wearing Spandex in public is a bad decision. Just ask Bobby Brown. Lafayette High School girls volleyball team of Williamsburg, VA is learning this the hard way.

On Tuesday the Rams scored a key victory, defeating 2007 state runner-up Grafton. Unfortunately that win was almost taken away from Lafayette because the team […]


Olympics Officials Struggling to Put Butts in Seats

You would think the Olympics are as hot a ticket as tickets get. Once every four years, people play for national pride on the grandest stage and blah blah blah, and other people want to go see that. Or do they?

Turns out, bureaucrats in Beijing are having a bit of trouble filling seats for their […]


George W. Discovers The Wonders Of Volleyball

President George W. Bush has to be loving these Olympic Games, because for the first time since the 1996 games in Atlanta, he’s not running for President, so he can actually take the time to enjoy them. While Barack Obama and John McCain are busy hitting the campaign trail, Dubya has been spending […]


Opening Ceremony Overshadowed By Murder

The 2008 Summer Olympics are officially underway after possibly the most spectacular opening ceremony in the history of the event. It took seven years of planning and billions of dollars, but the four-hour exhibition was considered a resounding success.

Unsurprisingly, security was tight, in part because of the threat of terrorism, but also due to protesters […]


‘Cracking The Code’ Behind Beach Volleyball Butts

You might not be aware, but the Olympics are almost here. And as official broadcaster of the Summer Games, NBC is dedicated to bringing viewers as much Olympic coverage as they can handle. As such, NBCOLYMPICS.COM offers an alluring image gallery of beach volleyball babes in action, featuring fab photos like this one:

And the […]