China Isn’t Quite Ready For Its First Black Athlete

China’s got a ways to go with race relations; during the Olympics, they held many black people in custody because they were believed to be drug dealers. But the world is about to get its first look at China’s surprisingly heterogeneous population.

Ding Hui will be China’s first black international athlete. The 19-year-old volleyballer has been […]


NCAA OKs “Sand Volleyball” As New Varsity Sport

Last July, we served up word that the NCAA was considering adding beach volleyball - or “sand volleyball”, as they prefer to call it -  to their varsity curriculum. Now that wonderful dream has become a reality.

(Coming soon to a campus near you!)
Tom Hoffarth of FARTHER OFF THE WALL reports that the NCAA Division […]


HS Volleyball Coach Caught in Parking Lot Sex Act

You know, this isn’t really a sports story. It’s just a pair of consenting adults, doing what comes naturally. So my apologies in advance, Wyvonne Walling, because under normal circumstances this wouldn’t get play on this blog. But Wyvonne, you had to go and be a high school volleyball coach. And then you had to […]


Chanting In HS Boys Volleyball Is Turning Vicious

When it comes to volleyball, it’s the female beach & girls collegiate varieties that easily get my attention. But the guys also play the game, too, and little did I know, some high schools actually offer boys’ volleyball as a varsity sport.

Now some may not perceive it as being as “manly” as other high school […]


Norfolk State V-Ball Player Was Bait In Robberies

You have to hand it to Norfolk State: while they might not be a sports powerhouse, their athletes keep finding new ways to get publicity (and in this age, notoriety is just as good as fame). First you had the two track athletes who were arrested for firing guns at a resort during Spring Break, […]


Beach Volleyball Legend Sandra Pires Set to Retire

After 20 years of spikes, sand and spandex, Brazilian beach volleyball legend Sandra Pires says she’s served enough time serving up shots and is calling it quits.

I was not aware that beach volleyball has been around long enough as a big-time sport to actually have “legends”. But Sandra did win a gold medal at the […]


Nudie Model Runs Pro Volleyball League Biz Dev

My pals Scott (here at SbB) and DAULERIO at DSpin both covered Darren Rovell’s recent CNBC piece on the AVP’s steamy marketing efforts.

I live right in the middle of AVP country with two yearly tournaments, at Hermosa and Manhattan Beaches, about 20 minutes from my front door. And another down at Huntington Beach in […]


New AVP Ads Promote Players’ Appealing Assets

CNBC’s Darren Rovell can always be counted on for bringing us insightful, hard-hitting news from the world of sports business, as you’re about to see. And while he’s usually leading the pack, Rovell is bringing up the rear today. Or, rather bringing us the rear:

Beach volleyball has basically given up on the notion that people […]


“Sex Toy Assault” Alleged In HS Volleyball Hazing

Four students were suspended and 6 staff members have been transferred from a Los Angeles high school in the wake of hazing allegations on the boys’ volleyball team, and boy, is this one a doozy. Investigators are keeping the particulars of the hazing hushed up, but descriptions of it include the words “locker room shower,” […]


Kevin Federline’s New Girl Is Hawaii Volleyballer

OK, whose sloppy seconds would you rather have to have (there are no winners here)? Sean Avery’s, or Britney Spears‘? I’m pretty sure Dion Phaneuf doesn’t mind too much, but one volleyball player should really head to the clinic to get herself checked out.

University of Hawaii student, former All-American and AVP Beach Volleyball player Victoria […]