Urban Meyer’s Daughter On Dad’s OSU Chances

Urban Meyer’s daughter Nicki apparently had an esophageal spasm is exasperated over talk that her famous father may soon take over as head football coach at Ohio State.

Nicki, who is a volleyball player at Georgia Tech, Tweeted on Tuesday:
Stop txting me abt my dad. HE IS NOT repeat NOT, GOING TO OHIO STATE. thanks.
Sounds like […]


Volleyball Player is a Compelling Case for Title IX

Here’s some photos of Morgan Peterson of the Middle Tennessee State volleyball team.
Peterson is a redshirt freshman for the Blue Raiders.


AVP Tour, Bud Light Girls Roll Into San Francisco

So the question is this: Can the AVP Tour survive — outside of its traditional homeland of LA, that is — without the team of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh? Apparently so. Check out the tour’s newest sponsor — Kentucky Grilled Chicken. If the product that David Letterman once dubbed “Hot, Oily Hens” can find […]


Last Place Means Happy Ending On Volleyball Tour

Sadly, the AVP Volleyball Tour has come and gone from Los Angeles this summer, and somehow I missed the events in Hermosa, Manhattan and Huntington Beaches.

(Zamparelli: Volleyball player or popular race team in Formula Bun circuit?)
But I’m pleased to report a happy ending to the SoCal season for those like me who missed it: […]


A Slice Of Nightmare Fuel: Shaq In A Pink Speedo

I’m confident that I speak for most of the men when I say that I’ll be rooting feverishly for Shaquille O’Neal to beat Olympic gold medalists Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in their upcoming reality show beach volleyball showdown. Oh yes, it’s an imperative.

Shaq will team with Olympic gold medalist Todd Rogers to take on […]


Luke Walton: “Trust Me, (Odom) Will Be A Laker”

Lamar Odom’s fake holdout was all fun & games until Odom’s incompetent agent, Jeff Schwartz, decided to overplay his cards. With his several lame attempts to squeeze a few more shekels out of O.D.B. (Ol’ Doc Buss), Schwartz has succeeded in alienating Odom from the Owner and the fans.

(Sorry Kareem Rush, Luke Wasn’t Talking About […]


AVP Cheerleaders: Gentlemen, Start Your Cameras

It was a sad day when the AVP Tour ended its sponsorship deal with Jose Cuervo - mainly because event attendees would no longer be treated to the sight of the Cuervo Girls. But the absence of young ladies decked out in very revealing swimwear posing for pictures & tossing out t-shirts was hurting attendance […]


And So We Say Adieu, AVP Cuervo Girls … Adieu

I’ve attended several AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour events in my day, and so have come to appreciate the fine work of the Cuervo Girls. Not only does one have to have a body to fill out the uniform to be a Cuervo Girl, but a strong arm to reach the upper rows with promotional […]


Hocking Your Players’ Possessions Is Educational

Step 1: Become youth volleyball coach. Step 2: Ask player to remove jewelry before match. Step 3: Profit. A St. Petersburg, Florida, recreation center volleyball coach who took a necklace from one of her players for “safekeeping” evidently decided that the most secure place to store it would be the local pawn shop. And in […]


Speed Read: Artest Once Saw a Chair Kill a Dude

Reality used to be a friend of Ron Artest’s. However, it was long before the public met the kid from St. John’s a decade ago. For example, no one would be surprised to find out the new Gatorade/Tiger Woods cartoons seem like mini-documentaries to the Tru Warier because he has secretly considered himself the NBA’s […]