EA Told Dana White MMA “Not A Real Sport” In ‘08

As you might recall, EA Sports revealed that they’re developing an MMA game, cleverly titled “MMA.” That’s strange, because the UFC already has their own game through THQ (with their own fighters, naturally) that’s already out and selling reasonably well.

(Are they seriously trying to brand this thing with a tramp stamp?)
Then again, it’s also strange […]


Jimmy Fallon Aces Tiger Woods In Wii Video Golf

When Tiger Woods accepted Jimmy Fallon’s PR stunt challenge to take him on at the “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10″ video game for the Wii, you can imagine that Woods was hardly sweating bullets. After all, it’s his game. And while I know that doesn’t mean that John Madden would be good at video game […]


Video Game Models Who Actually Play The Games

Video game conventions have become a very big deal, with hundreds - nay, thousands of gamers packing convention halls & large hotel meeting rooms checking out the latest in electronic entertainment. And as with any type of convention, it certainly helps to showcase your product with a little eye candy.

But wouldn’t it be great if […]


UFC Has Competition With EA Sports MMA Game

What the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is for fans of erotica, E3 is for hardcore gamers. Starting today in Los Angeles and going through Thursday, E3 is a virtual cornucopia of excess for the gaming world, with all of the big names making major announcements and rolling out new titles. (And with every company employing […]


Tiger Woods Wants You to Blow Off Work for Him

EA Sports wants into the subscription business that has put Blizzard Entertainment into more money than they know what to do with. So they’re offering up their most popular title that is also easy to transport Web-ward (Tiger Woods PGA Tour) in a “multi-tiered subscription” model this fall.

(Gonna go out on a limb and guess […]


Speed Read: Not All Game 7’s Are Created Equally

It was billed as the hockey playoff series everyone wanted to see, and for six games it was. With three overtimes in that spell — and two other games that easily could have been pushed into extra frames, too — the Capitals-Penguins second rounder felt like an instant classic heading into Game 7. All it […]


Ex-College QB Suing NCAA, EA Sports Over Game

I don’t play video games nearly as often as I did while still a teenager, but each year I do buy the newest version of EA Sports’ NCAA Football and then spend about two weeks ignoring all friends and responsibilities before putting the controller down. Every year when I get the game, I also make […]


Are You Ready To Play A Round Of ‘Ghetto Golf’?

For years, whenever you’ve thought of what the prototypical golfer looks like, you’ve no doubt always envisioned some country club-living white guy with an alligator on his polo shirt, and some ugly pants. The reason for this is because the game of professional golf is generally populated by just that, with a few Hispanics and […]


Boy Jumps Off Roof, WWE Gets Blamed (Again)

Hey, it’s mid-April already and we haven’t yet blamed pro wrestling for someone else’s neglect. Well, all is right with the world, as friends and family say a 9-year-old boy was just trying to imitate his favorite WWE wrestler when he jumped off the roof of his 13-story apartment building.

Damori Miles, a special education student […]


Erin Andrews to Be In EA Sports’ NCAA Football 10

Every July, millions of video game players flock to their local Best Buys, Circuit Citys, Gamestops, or wherever they buy their games to get their hands on the newest version of EA Sports’ NCAA Football. I know it’s an annual tradition for me. Still, with the economy rather shaky these days, the folks at EA […]