‘Banned’ Ad: Tennis, Breasts, Desperation Collide

Last week 2K Sports rolled out the latest version of its Top Spin tennis simulation video game.

(Video game trailer or marital aid advert? You make the call.)
Right, no idea.
Yesterday, a week after the official unveiling of the game, a racy promotional trailer featuring Serena Williams and actress Rileah Vanderbilt suddenly appeared online. The cover […]


Fox News: EA NBA Game With Obama ‘bipartisan’?

FOX News reported recently on a new EA Sports NBA video game that will also feature “unlockable” famous politicians competing on the court.

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are among the politicos included in the game, which EA Sports President Peter Moore addressed during a FOX News segment.
FOX News Host Jenna Lee: “Is this a bipartisan […]


NFLer: Videogame Addiction Cost Year Of Career

Greg Johns of the SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER reports on the plight of new Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Quinn Pitcock.

Two years ago Pitcock was entering his second year in the league as a member of the Indianapolis Colts when - out of nowhere - he quit football.
Something wasn’t right. Something was missing. And a day later, that […]


Video: Kobe’s Dad Posterized By Utah Jazz Fan

Some thrilling moments during Game 3 of the NBA playoff series between the Lakers and Jazz Saturday in Salt Lake City.

(Thanks to BlackSportsOnline.com)
My favorite was gleaning some expertise about Kobe’s game from his dad Joe Bryant (above).

And what could be more exciting than the spot-on commentary from ABC’s Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown?


Video: Playboy Hotties Making Out At NBA Game

Got an email late last night from a staffer at Playboy tipping me to a ‘candid’ video they ‘obtained’ from a Chicago Bulls NBA game.

(Wake up Lasorda)
The vid looks about as spontaneous as infomercial audience reax. But like all you Billy Mays1 fanatics, doesn’t mean I ain’t buying.


Yeah But What About Him Lucking Into Dunleavy?

The LOS ANGELES TIMES has video of righteous observations from an appropriately smug Phil Jax on the delightful plight of Donald Sterling. (And Clips.)
“I’m of that generation that believed in karma. If you do a good mitzvah, maybe you can eliminate some of those things. Do you think that Sterling’s done enough mitzvahs to […]


EA Donates Madden 2010 To Deploying Sub Crew

Many people much wiser and braver than myself have described life in the military as - we’re paraphrasing here - unendurable boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. A Marine friend spent the better part of the 2003 Iraq invasion sitting outside in the Kuwaiti desert heat, smoking cigarettes and watching Disney DVDs. That’s not […]


Emelianenko Spurns UFC, Sticks With M-1 Global

After Affliction’s sudden, immediate, largely hilarious demise in the world of fight promotion (no worries, meatheads, you can still wear those silly shirts with the skulls and stuff on them), all eyes were immediately trained on human/wolverine hybrid Fedor Emelianenko.

(FEDOR FACT: punching people in the face is awesome.)
With his stature and the seeming dearth of […]


2K Sports Developing NBA Draft Combine Game

In 2002, Philadelphia 76ers star Allen Iverson sat at a press conference after his team lost in the NBA Playoffs and launched into a famous diatribe about practice. You know the one, we don’t need to explain. While coaches and old white people everywhere were horrified at the brash young man’s attitude, practice-hating kids everywhere […]


That’s It, Houshmandzadeh Boycotting Madden ‘10

ESPN may be boycotting the Ben Roethlisberger story, but it’s all over this breaking news: Former Cincinnati Bengals & current Seattle Seahawks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh (“championship!”) is boycotting “Madden ‘10″ because, he says, his rating is too low. (Terrorists throw up hands in disgust, say it’s just not worth hating us anymore).

Houshmandzadeh (“championship!”) appeared on […]