Three Rich Gentlemen Observe A Sporting Contest

Some days, certain photos find their way through this series of tubes we call the Internet that become automatic posts no matter what news is breaking at that moment. The following photo, of multi-zillionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, and rapper Ludacris taking in a basketball game, is one of them.

(Can we bounce to […]


Experts: De La Hoya Crossdressing Pics Are Fake

Oscar De La Hoya’s “Golden Boy” image took an unquestionable hit when pics of the former champ in drag hit the internet late last year. De La Hoya countered immediately, claiming that the images were forgeries.

Now, De La Hoya’s people are claiming to have experts validating that the photos actually were doctored.


Fukudome Finds Familiar Faces During LA Trip

The Cubs should probably sign this guy so they can finally get out of that Jim Edmonds deal.

This is Hakuho. He checks in at about 340 bills, which makes him about 15 pounds lighter than Prince Fielder.


Vince Young Learning Lessons From Leinart Pics

Last week, some snapshots surfaced of a shirtless Vince Young partying with his pals. So, the Titans QB took time on Thursday to say he’s sorry to any kids who might’ve seen the pics.

The TENNESSEAN reports that Young apologized to, um, young fans for the photos, saying he wants to be a good role model […]


NBA Playoffs Loss And Found: King James’ Jewels

Photo from BASKETBAWFUL today:


Mr. Baseball Bob Uecker Likes To Hang Poolside

Bob Uecker is 73 years old. He used to play catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, the same team for whom he currently does radio play-by-play.

Let’s go ahead and add “swimsuit model” to that resumé right now.


The Derby: What Hicks Watched Before NASCAR

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past week, you know that the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby is today. NBC will be bringing you the two hours of pageantry and buildup, followed by two minutes of heart-pounding action. You know, just like your weekend plans. But with horses.

That’s obviously a pedestrian perspective […]


Hulk REALLY Likes Brooke’s Friends, Butt This?!

Some recent photos of Hulk Hogan … and daughter Brooke?!:

Pop culture junkies know that Hulk cheated on his wife of 24 years, Linda, with one of Brooke’s friends. So we suppose these photos, in that context, or completely normal.
Actually, we’re not so sure about that. We might have to consult Roger Clemens on it.


Unprecedented Feet Not Unnoticed By Sports Fan

Since we spend most of our year in Los Angeles, we’re really excited about the prospect of a long playoff run by the Lakers. And from this photo account, it appears we’re not alone in our undying *excitement*:

(Rojo soles really rock our Crocs!)
Laker hero Pau Gasol has a serious fan in “joulloue”, who either […]


Blog-O-Rama: Coverage of ‘Patron Race Walk?’

• The AOL FAN HAUS has a novel idea: let’s have coverage of the 8 a.m. patron stampede at Augusta.
• DEADSPIN has your Manchester vs. Arsenal live blog love.

• Timberwolves fans are not happy that their team keeps winning. TNABACG explains.