Streaker Subdued By Female Security, Shrinkage

You would think early March wouldn’t be the best time to shed your clothes and run around outside au naturel. However, we forget that streaking at soccer games is a year-round activity.

So last weekend, some bloke in the British town of Bury bared it all during a match against rival Rochdale. But just as soon […]


Speed Read: It’s The Academy Awards! … Or Not.

So they handed out a bunch of awards last night, and frankly, we don’t care. Until the “Academy” lifts their de facto ban on nominating sports movies with animals as the lead, we’re boycotting the Oscars and we think you ought to as well.

(Sweeping the Oscars in our hearts.)
And as if you needed further proof, […]


Speed Read: Introducing The, Uh, “Shaqawockeez”

The 58th All-Star game is in the books, and the West absolutely destroyed the East, 146-117. At one point, it was 20-8 in favor of the East All-Stars before Kobe Bryant led the West on a 19-0 run, and the Westies never looked back. It’s hard to imagine what was the better Shaquille O’Neal highlight: […]


Veggie-Friendly Teams Play Like Vegetarian Crap

PETA doesn’t want you to have that hot dog at the game. They don’t want you to set up a grill to tailgate in the parking lot. Basically, they don’t want you to have any fun at a football game. And now to make it easier for you to not have fun, they’ve ranked the […]


UFC’s Cote Gives New Meaning To “Bottoms Up”

On October 25, Patrick “The Predator” Cote will be challenging Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight championship. So, how has the Canadian Cote been training for his upcoming bout? With a little backyard brawling.

Steve Cofield of YAHOO’s MMA EXPERT BLOG alerts us to a fascinating photo essay over at CAGE POTATO featuring the Predator practicing […]


Because Playing For The Padres Isn’t Bad Enough

It’s been a long season for the San Diego Padres, and with only 9 games left on the schedule, I’m sure the players are pretty happy they’ll soon be able to put 2008 behind them. Though, considering the amount of rookie call-ups the Padres have made in September, there are probably quite a few guys […]


Charles Barkley To Have Televised Colonoscopy

Who is Charles Barkley? Given his propensity for “keeping it real” so frequently, it’s not a question we as a society normally seek to answer, just because he’s normally open about everything. However, if you have always wanted to know the inner things living deep inside Barkley to make him the man he really is, […]


Nebraska’s Nudie Wrestlers Kicked Off Of Team

Over the last few days, University of Nebraska wrestlers Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan have gotten quite a bit more attention that college wrestlers are used to. That tends to happen when you start posing nude for gay porn sites, which is exactly what the two grapplers did for FRATMEN.COM.

Unfortunately for […]


Photos of Neb. Wrestlers Pop Up On Gay Porn Site

A friend of mine used to wrestle back in high school while I chose to spend my time playing football. We would often argue about which sport was manlier, as teenage boys are so often trying to prove to each other who the real man is (Though this doesn’t really change much as […]


Olympic Journo Dines On Animal … Um … “Parts”

Garry Linnell is a man who doesn’t mess around. The Australian reporter for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH wouldn’t pussyfoot around his assignment to go to the Olympics Games and eat four kinds of animal penis.

Linnell opted not for the Bloomin’ Onion (we like to stereotype here, stick with us) but instead for a meal at […]