Media Sentences Paterno To Dept Of Corrections

After co-opting the WASHINGTON POST with his own personal crisis communications manager and high-priced criminal defense lawyer last weekend, somehow Joe Paterno still ended up in the RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER’s department of corrections on Sunday:

That’ll come as no surprise to Penn Staters, who haven’t been shy in decrying the injustices they claim have been […]


Photos: Danica Patrick’s Closeup Tattoo Moment

These photos of Danica Patrick on vacation in Maui last month gave proof …

… despite SI, that her flag tattoo …


Gruesome Photo: Armstrong Unable To Save Face

Lance Armstrong Tweeted this photo after his crash at the Tour of California:

Think that’s bad? You haven’t seen Floyd.


Video: Kobe’s Dad Posterized By Utah Jazz Fan

Some thrilling moments during Game 3 of the NBA playoff series between the Lakers and Jazz Saturday in Salt Lake City.

(Thanks to
My favorite was gleaning some expertise about Kobe’s game from his dad Joe Bryant (above).

And what could be more exciting than the spot-on commentary from ABC’s Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown?


In Lieu Of Greg Oden’s Penis, A Humble Offering

I picked a helluva day to observe our annual Greg Oden penis photo embargo on SbB. So here’s something to make up for it:

Scouts were disappointed with Terrence Cody’s conditioning on the first day of practice at the Senior Bowl. The former Alabama defensive tackle tipped the scales at 370 pounds.
Fat Hat tip:


Photos Allegedly of Jayson Williams Before Arrest has photos it claims are of Jayson Williams taken last night before Williams was involved in a one-car accident:

Our source claims to have seen Williams at Aces and 8’s drinking with a group of college kids. He was friendly and taking photos (more seen below.) Our source also claims that a member of his […]


NBA Lockerroom Soon To Include 2-Drink Minimum

Derek Fisher getting interviewed on the idiot box last night:

You following me camera guy? (Needed Vince on that one.)


Colts On Fire Sunday Night. Game Was Good Too.

The Indianapolis Colts’ home field, Lucas Oil Stadium, was on fire last night during the Colts-Patriots game.

After the Colts’ first touchdown of the game, fireworks inside the stadium caught the playing field on fire.

(What an unsightly bare patch)
Video after the jump.


Poll: Worst Around The Horn Halloween Costumes

The contenders from today:

I’ll take Reali. Really outdid himself this year. TV show host? Get out!

Worst costume on ESPN’s Around The Horn today:


Jackie Mac




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Goes without saying that nobody topped Woody going as Julia Child last year.

Nailed it my man! (Though a pronounced, disconcerting stoop would’ve be a nice touch.)
Larger […]


Pics: Brad Childress As a Female Flight Attendant

Case you missed it, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols reported last week that on the Vikings’ most recent team flight, coach Brad Childress dressed up as a female flight attendant as a joke. I hadn’t seen any photos of the Childress’ ill-advised ‘costume’ until now:

(Has Steve Phillips suddenly surfing Orbitz)
May god bless Minnesota Viking Visanthe Shiancoe, who […]