College Runner Opens Fire At Spring Break Resort

When I went out to the beach for Spring Break in college, I packed a carload of supplies. Mostly it was case after case of Pabst Blue Ribbon, plus the usual assortment of beach supplies, snack food and maybe a change of clothes. One of the things I never thought to bring were guns - […]


Peeping Inside The Eternal Editorial Debate At SbB

OK, I’m wavering on what to write about to end the week. Should it be Jose Guillen’s ingrown toenail, Ryan Braun’s unfortunate foray into the apparel business or George Mason’s Homecoming (Drag) Queen?

Or, should I end the week by posting some pics of the luscious Lucimara Silva.
Talk about a daunting dilemma. Click here to […]


British Long Jumper Gets Naked, Leaps Off Roof

If you’ve seen the film Almost Famous, you’re probably aware of a scene in which Billy Crudup’s character takes some drugs at a house party and then ends up on top of a roof shouting “I am a golden god!” before jumping off. Well, British long jumper Jonathan Moore must be a big fan because […]


Russian: ‘If We Are Ugly Nobody Will Be Interested’

The LONDON TIMES has an epic piece on Yelena Isinbayeva, the current world record holder in the pole vault and recently named World Athlete of the Year.

(Isinbayeva (l) is hot, but doesn’t stack up to Alenka Bikar)
Apparently Ms. Isinbayeva hasn’t endeared herself to her competitors over the years with her standoff attitude and candor about […]


Vaulter Gets New Pole. Yes, That’s A Euphemism

Good news for German pole vaulter Yvonne Buschbaum: You’ve got some new equipment! And by equipment I mean penis. Just in case we weren’t clear on that, yeah.

(It’s a pole. Get it? GET IT? POLE!)
According to the German newspaper DEUTSCHE WELLE, Yvonne the “she” is now Balian the “he” after successful gender reassignment surgery. Understandably, […]


Shocker: George W. Bush Apparently Still In Office

President George W. Bush is pictured on the White House’s official website giving the “Shocker” sign with the Arizona State track team yesterday:

(Funny sad find from Media Bistro)
Case you’re unaware of the meaning of the ‘Shocker’ hand gesture:

Closeup after the jump.


Marathon Hottie Wins Third, But First In My Heart

The New York City Marathon was today, and if watching skinny people put their bodies through hell isn’t your cup of tea, then you missed the emergence of a new star in women’s distance running, and she’s pretty easy on the eyes.

Kara Goucher, a native New Yorker, didn’t win the race — she was third. […]


Runners To Take The Browns To The Super Bowl

The New York City Marathon is tomorrow, which means there’s an awful lot of carbo-loading going on as we speak. But all that pasta has to go somewhere. Enter A Royal Flush, which will provide 2,250 port-a-potties for 39,000 runners.

“It’s not a glamorous business,” company president Bill Malone told the NEW YORK TIMES as he […]


SF Runner Punished For Not Being Among ‘Elite’

There are certain truisms in life no one can dispute: The world is round. Orange juice has vitamin C. Scientologists are a little off, at best. But now, after San Francisco and their San Francisco Values decided to soil the racing world with their dirty little hands - from riding that disgusting public transportation, no […]


Economy Forcing London Olympics to Go Cheap

The global financial crisis is threatening to tone down spending for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  Existing venues may be used for some events in lieu of constructing new ones.  The event, which was already slated to be smaller in cost and physical size than the 2008 Beijing Games, is having trouble securing loans […]