HS Track Coach Double Faults With 17-Year-Old

So for those of you keeping score at home, here’s what a 35-year-old high school track coach from Ohio did when caught in the back seat of a car in a state of undress with a 17-year-old girl on Tuesday. A: Claimed that he was also 17! (fail) B: Argued with cops. (fail) C: Tried […]


Shotput Beer Takedown Recounted By Eyewitness

We all remember Kayte Taylor, the Santa Rosa, California, woman who prevented a thief from stealing her wallet by shotputting a case of Miller Lite at the man, knocking him off of his getaway bike. Now an eyewitness has come forward, relating to SPORTSbyBROOKS never-before-heard details of the harrowing incident.

Bonnie Davis, a co-worker and friend […]


Beer Proves Once Again To Be Deterrent To Crime

Alcohol has been the downfall of many ne’er-do-wells,  but never quite like this. After a man stole Kayte Taylor’s wallet near a Santa Rosa, Calif., market on Saturday, the 28-year-old did what most women would — she grabbed a 12-pack of Miller Lite and shot-putted it at the thief.

The tasty beer missile hit its mark […]


Girl Wins HS Team Track Title Her Own Damn Self

Despite dabbling in several different sporting endeavors during my high school days, the only time I came close to anything resembling a record book was in 1996, when I - intentionally, thankyouverymuch - achieved the lowest average score of any high school bowler, boy or girl, in the entire Northern Illinois Conference (this is not […]


Willie Gault Is Still Faster And Cooler Than You

While his quarterback is out slinging erection pills these days, ex-Bears wide receiver Willie Gault is still doing what he always did best — running. And he’s running really fast. Faster than most of us could ever dream, and he’s 48 years old.

Gault recently clocked a 10.80 in the 100-meter dash, and he holds the […]


Speed Read: Washing Our Hands of the Swine Flu

The discerning reader prefers the news (and most foods) wrapped in bacon and liberally salted with panic. Therefore, we provide your Thursday morning sports-centric swine flu stories to better arm you at the water cooler to pass along the latest gossip mumbled through your faux designer mask:

Texas has suspended all baseball and softball tournaments, eliminated […]


One-Legged Football Wonder Finally Gets His Due

In Florida prep football, prosthetic limbs are banned. So what’s a one-legged kid supposed to do if he wants to suit up? Why, just go ahead and play football anyway. And play it damn well.

Carl Joseph was a stud by any measure, earning eight letters in three sports, despite being born without a left […]


Speed Read: Another Violent Day in LA’s Paradise

The baseball day in Los Angeles started on a solemn note Monday when the Dodgers held two moments of silence for fallen comrades in arms during Chavez Ravine’s opening day Monday (before a third passed later in the day).

(Pictures from 710 AM ESPN’s Beto Duran)
By the end of the game (an 11-1 pounderation of the […]


Naked Vaulting Champ Lets Pole Fly Free In Paris

How does a pole vaulting champion draw attention to himself when his sponsorship deal expires? Personally, I would go the route of vaulting over a 20-foot long pit of alligators, piranhas and sharks, but I’m American: everything begins and ends with Evel Knievel. But Romain Mesnil went a different, decidedly more Continental route: streaking.

REUTERS says […]


HS Track Coach Jumps Out Window In Beer Bust

What kind of a sports day would it be if we didn’t hear about yet another irresponsible adult involved in shenanigans with underage athletes? But Tim Vinciullo’s story isn’t as shocking as a football coach’s wife sexing up 12-year-old players or a dad inviting cheerleaders to drink & dance on a stripper pole in his […]