Your Next ESPN Mag The Body Nude Cover Is Here

Here’s Sarah Reinertsen on the cover of ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s “The Body Issue,” and I have to say, smoking hot and competes in the Ironman Triathlon? Very nice. It almost makes up for naked Carl Edwards. Almost.


Leinart’s New Personal Life Coach? Mark Sanchez

I think we’ve found Matt Leinart’s new life coach, Mark Sanchez. Leinart you remember stayed in school at USC through his senior year because he wanted to (apparently) continue to enjoy college life. (Had nothing todo with a stealth shoulder injury, mind you.)

(Sanchez proves Leinart could’ve co-oped coeds despite leaving SC)

Leinart was rewarded by losing […]


The 2016 Olympics: Welcome To The City Of Jesus

Although things aren’t too cheerful at the White House right now, there’s much banging of percussion instruments and dancing the Samba in other parts of the world over Rio de Janeiro’s choice as host of the 2016 Olympic Games. Exotic beaches. Beautiful women. These guys. It’s gonna be the world’s biggest party, right?

Well, maybe, but […]


Triathlete Auctions Herself Off , Gets Few Takers

The eBay bidding war for a dinner date with U.S. triathlete Jenna Shoemaker sadly turned out to be just a minor skirmish. Not a popular item. With only five bids — the highest at $250 — her quest to earn extra money for training has to be labeled as a fail. Damn economy.

But larger, more […]


Legless Sprinter Doesn’t Need Legs To Slam Doors

For years, South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius has been trying to prove that he can compete at the highest levels of sports. He fought his ban from track and field and won the right to compete at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, though he didn’t qualify for the games. He’s been accused of unfairly gaining an […]


College Pole Vaulter Killed When He Misses Pad

Of all the sports I least identify with, pole vault has to be at the top of the list. I’ve always considered it the most unlikely and baffling of activities, as if someone asked Dr. Seuss to invent a new track event. I’m not sure how one decides to become a pole vaulter, and after […]


Track Athletes Lay Waste To Bouncers In Berlin

POP QUIZ: Suppose you and some friends are out in Berlin (Berlin!) late at night, and the bouncer won’t let you into the club of your choice on account of overcrowding in the place. Do you A: wait patiently, B: find a different bar to go to, or C: try to bribe the bouncer into […]


SbB Caption Contest: Now That’s Quite a Bear Hug

Hey there, readers! It’s time once again for another enthralling edition of the SbB Clever Caption Contest!
Today’s snazzy snapshot features Polish pole vaulter Anna Rogowska, who celebrates her surprise victory over Russian foe Yelena Isinbayeva at the IAAF World Championships with the help of a furry friend:

(Good thing Anna wasn’t offered a piggyback ride)
So, […]


Usain Bolt Obliterates Own 100m Record (Video)

No disrespect to Michael Phelps or anything, but when it came to jaw-dropping performances in the 2008 Summer Olympics, the real show-stopper was Jamaica’s Usain Bolt. He so effortlessly dominated the 100 meter dash that not only did he break a world record, he did it while celebrating over the last 15 meters or so. […]


Coastal Carolina Track Coach Gets Into Arrest Act

You have to say this about Coastal Carolina University: they might be a small school, but their level of commitment rivals that of any major college powerhouse. Unfortunately, this commitment seems to be towards getting as many members of their teams arrested as humanly possible. Whether it’s football players or golfers, all too often some […]