Reneging Recruit’s Facebook Hate Claim Is Bogus

Five weeks ago, the state of Mississippi’s top football recruit, linebacker CJ Johnson, said the following about his verbal commitment to play football at Mississippi State:

“I am still going to visit Ole Miss and LSU. I want to just take those visits to just visit and my mom said I should take advantage of the […]


Oregon Debuts “Carbon-Dipped” Football Helmets

Today against Portland State, the Oregon Ducks football team broke out a new look - again - with exotic, new football helmets.

(Added bonus: Matches Oregon’s seemingly perpetual gloomy skies)
The helmet shell, developed by Nike, reportedly is “carbon-dipped” and was first tested by Ducks players during training camp last month in Eugene.

(Their new unis weigh […]


Timeless Technology: Les Miles Has iPhone App

Come to find out Les Miles has an official iPhone App called the “Miles Method“:

Twitter compatibility? A little buggy.


Sumo Wrestlers Given iPads To Use As .. Phones?

Japan’s Jiji news service in association with France’s AFP reports this week from Tokyo that the Japan Sumo Association distributed 60 iPads to the 51 Sumo “training stables” to improve communication between wrestlers and association officials.

(Do Sumo iPads come fully loaded?)
Why iPads? Because the giants of the sport claim to be unable to use […]


Why Tennis Sucks: Too Much Grass In The Game

Why has pro men’s tennis largely fallen out of favor with the American viewing public?


To illustrate, brilliant financial blogger Kevin Kedrosky recently compared the court wear marks from the 1980 Wimbledon Final and the 2010 Wimbledon Final. (The result of weeks of use leading up to the matches.)
As you can see, even without all the […]


Wait, SEC Replay Officials Don’t Use HD Monitors?

It’s been a rocky year so far for the SEC officials, to say the least. They’ve been blowing replay calls with such frightening regularity that commentators have wondered aloud what the point of even having replay is if it’s not going to make anything better. Naturally, the conference’s response has been to slap a gag […]


Remote-Control Bowling Balls Seem A Little Unfair

You know how in those Star Wars movies, the Jedi guys could use The Force to make things move without touching them? How come those guys never cheated at sports? Like, I know Obi-Wan and Luke were “the good guys” and they were off doing their hero things, but you can’t tell me Darth Vader […]


Chris Bosh Saves The Internet For 800+ Athletes

There probably aren’t any statistics to bear this out, but we’re pretty damned sure that the lowest ratio of IQ-to-income among all professions belongs to athletes, who display an uncanny ability to blow through unholy amounts of money as soon as they get it. That’s not news, of course, but it makes them prime targets […]


The T.O.-To-Chicago-Bears Rumor That Won’t Die

And so Twitter’s takeover of the human race begins like this. It started as a simple comment by Adam Schefter on Tuesday morning, as he casually typed in ESPN’s Rumors Central section that, hey dude, wouldn’t it be cool if Terrell Owens were a Chicago Bear? Schefter was just pretty much thinking out loud, listing […]


Baseball Beat Writers: Relevant, Or Just Fossils?

So it’s August, the Dodgers are embroiled in a hot division race, and rumors are floating that the team is about to sign a couple of players for the stretch run. Mark Gonzales of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE is among those who break the news that Jim Thome and Jon Garland are headed to LA.

So how […]